Ebro in the Morning Discusses Bobby Shmurda’s Issues in the Music Industry, Having Fun, New Tour, and More (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed Bobby Shmurda’s issues in the music industry, having fun, his new tour, and more. Ebro sat down with Bobby Shmurda. He asked Shmurda about people’s expectations of him when he came home.

    Questions about Shmurda being “goofy” and having “fun” came up. The rapper said he has not changed over the years. The only change is the way people in the industry talk about him. He said there is no longer the “machine” pushing positive narratives about him.

    Shmurda said the change came when he began asking questions. That was something that wasn't liked in the industry. “When I got smarter, and I started taking ownership and knowing my own sh**, of course, people would get mad,” said Shmurda.

    Ebro talked about Shmurder not having guns in his video. He was surprised that back in 2014, there were no guns in any of his videos. The talented rapper said he does not put guns in his videos because he already has a problem with police and gun charges.

    Shmurda said he was a reinforcer in his neighborhood and made sure things were done correctly. He said, he was no longer in the hood.

    A lot of bad publicity plague the rapper, he said. And he is on an NDA, which is a nondisclosure agreement. He cannot discuss the deal legally, said Ebro.

    The rapper said in the “hood,” terms like NDA are not taught, and children do not understand the terminology or what is happening. Laura Stylz said that is just how marketing is and salacious headlines happen. Shmurda said children from lower-income neighborhoods are not taught that.

    Shmurda said his favorite artist is DMX. He says he gives the energy that DMX gave, and he feels a connection to the late rapper. “When they catch the holy ghost, when you put on DMX on, I catch the Holy Ghost as a kid. I ain't even gonna lie,” said Shmurda.

    He stays out of trouble by not going back to his old neighborhood, said the talented artist. He does go back to visit friends sometimes but stays inconspicuous about it and does not make a big deal when he returns home.

    Ebro encouraged fans to look for Shmurda on tour. Shmurda asked Ebro to come out to one of his shows, and he said he would if the show was not too late and he did not have anything else to do with his daughter.

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