Ebony Steele Replaces Dee Dee Renee on the Reformed Doug Banks Show


jumpoffAn official announcement will be made next week but Radio Facts is informing you early that Ebony Steele has been hired to replace Dee Dee Renee and the “The Doug Banks Show with Rudy Rush and Dee Dee Renee” has also been changed to “The Afternoon Rush with Rudy and Company.”REPLACEMENTS FOR DOUG BANKS SHOW NAMEDRush and Dee Dee broadcasted during a recent trip to Aruba and when they returned the company, Access 1, decided to go in another direction with Dee Dee’s position and made the switch to Ebony. Ebony is a stellar talent and will bring a lot to the show. You may remember Ebony as the co-host/sidekick on the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show. She was replaced by Claudia Jordan who was also replaced by Da Brat a year later. Congrats Ebony… This is a great fit.



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