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DL Hughley Says Traditionally Only White Males Could Speak Out, Now Things Have Changed: “Their Way Is Extinct” (VIDEO)

DL Hughley said traditionally, only White males could speak out, but things have changed. Hughley said people are not ready for what is happening. People are not prepared for the overturning of Roe versus Wade and the flush of trigger laws that followed. These trigger laws were legislation states had in place for over half a century. Many of these laws are from the 30s, 40s, and 50s when you only had to be only one thing to count, a white male.

For example, Hughley said Arizona’s abortion law is from 1901. That was the turn of the century. Nothing was good in America at this time for anyone except white males, informed Hughley. Women did not have the right to vote at this time. Hughley said to imagine making a law about a woman’s body when she did not even have the right to vote.

Some people have decided that what is best for the country is to go back and live by laws made by men who did not consider anyone else’s feelings or needs. Black people did not have equal rights, nor did women, and gays were nonexistent during this time, said Hughley.

“We’re going back in time, to be governed by people, who only had to listen to themselves,” said Hughley.

Hughley said that America is improving because the people who traditionally did not have a voice and could not say anything can now speak out. “If you think Donald Trump is horrible, we’re talking about the great-great-great Grandfather who raised him.”

Hughley said the future is being left to men who only saw things one way, which is theirs, “and their way is extinct,” Hughley explained.

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