D.L. Hughley Says Working With Mo’Nique is an Occupational Hazard: ‘I Have Learned My Lesson’ (VIDEO)


    D.L. Hughley said working with comedian Mo’Nique is an occupational hazard, and he has learned his lesson. The podcaster said he works where he wants to work and with whom because work is a special place. Hughley said he was given the opportunity to work with comedian Mo’Nique recently.

    “I’ve been offered a gig, a couple of gigs, three or four gigs to work with Mo’Nique in L.A., in Brooklyn, in Houston, and I turned them down because I didn’t think it would work,” said Hughley.

    After talking to many people, Hughley said he felt it would be wrong not to give someone a chance based on things never done to him.

    He then explained his relationship with the actress.

    “She talks about me having my feet under her table. That was at her invitation. I was doing a gig in Greenbelt, Maryland, and she was in Baltimore. She was having a fight party… And sure enough, I came to her table to her invitation,” said Hughley.

    Hughley said he had a great time at her party, and it was that interaction, plus his conversations about the star, that changed his mind about working with Mo’Nique.

    The decision to work with the comedy queen proved toxic because Hughley said working with Mo’Nique is an occupational hazard.

    There was a conflict with the order of the stage appearances for the show. Hughley said Mo’Nique never discussed the issue with him.

    “If you thought you had a legitimate contract dispute, you would have come to me and say, hey, I have this contract; you have this contract. Notice not one thing on that contract, not one person she has on that contract, not one thing happened. Do you know why? Because it wasn’t legitimate,” said Hughley.

    Hughley said Mo’Nique went on stage and eviscerated him and others to express her anger over the contract.

    “You do what you always have done; you tried to weaponize Black feminity against me. You tried to burn everything down,” said Hughley.

    Hughley said the worse part about the headliner’s actions was that she used her issues to ruin a good night for the fans who came to see the show.

    “The thing that was really the [most] bothersome was after the terrible couple of weeks where people have been slain in Buffalo, kids are getting slain in school, people had come to a comedy show to get away from all of their problems, [and] you besieged them with yours,” said Hughley.

    Hughley said Mo’Nique’s behavior was vindictive, and he will not work with her in the future.


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