DL Hughley Talks About the January 6 Insurrection Trial: Donald Trump Actively Committed Treason (VIDEO)


    DL Hughley said he had watched the January 6 insurrection trial for two days. Even though he thought he was well versed in what happened that day, it was more insidious than he recognized. He argued that the ploy was a coup to take over the United States of America.

    The insurrection caused deaths in America. Hughley said two of seven people who died that day died by suicide.

    The comedian said he found the fact that Fox News would not cover the insurrection ironic. “Of course, you wouldn’t air because the people who are on your network were complicit in helping the uprising start. If something happens, they’re going to have their name on a couple of dockets too,” he said.

    Hughley added that the words of Donald Trump were used to incite the uprising. His words were also used to raise a quarter of a billion dollars. Simultaneously, a dozen young black men are locked up because their lyrics in rap songs were used against them. Their words were allegedly traced to crimes that have been committed, said Hughley.

    Hughley said if the words of a rapper can be used against him, then why can’t the words of a president, who acted like a thug, be used? Hughley said if nothing happens to Trump, and the people that perpetuated the insurrection, then democracy is not real.

    “If we can use the words of a rapper to indict him for a crime, we can damn sure use the words of a former leader of the free world to indict him,” said Hughley.

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