Charlamagne Names Some of the Next Big Stars to Come from Radio (videos)


Here is an excerpt from the upcoming Power Play List 2022 magazine. Full of great interviews from today’s top talents. We caught up with Charlamagne Tha God and here he talks about the next big stars to come from radio.

Kevin: Who do you see as the next you coming up? Have you run across anybody?

Charlamagne: No, and there shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be another me. I should be the first. DJ Hed, out of LA. I love what he and my man Chuck Dizzle are doing with Home Grown Radio.

There should be a Letty Martinez out of LA. She is a phenomenal radio personality; she has been in the Power 106, the iHeart system, and she is phenomenal. I listen to her podcast all the time, The Brown Bag Podcast. I listen to her and how she has grown. She is a wife now and a mother. When she gets another shot at radio and in the right position, she is gonna be lights out. 

Nyla Symone at Power 105 in New York is not on every day but just the things she does outside of radio; she’s my DJ every week on The God’s Honest Truth. She has a podcast she does on the Black Effect Podcast Network with my man Miles Jones called The One.

She is always putting out playlists and producing her own music and discovering new artists while throwing parties. She is just really into the culture. Somebody like DJ Steph Cakes from Power 105 in New York; I’m watching them and not for what they are doing on the radio. It’s the things that I see them doing outside of radio. If radio allowed them to really be the talent and the personalities they are on the air, sky’s the limit. 

Kevin: If you come across any jocks that ask you to put them on, what is the one thing that turns you on or turns you off about that? What is the one thing they shouldn’t do?

Charlamagne: Asking me to put you on. If you really out here hustling or you really out here moving and shaking, we gonna see. I’m going to pay attention. Nine times out of ten, I’m already paying attention. All those people I mentioned by name, I already have been paying attention to what they’ve been doing because I can’t help but see it.

Now, I want to see if I can help them get to that next level in whatever way possible, whether it is opening up my phone to them… There’s a woman in Charleston, SC, and her name is KrisKaylin on Z93 Jamz. That’s home; I’m home three or four years ago just listening to the radio because I” m a radio junkie. I’m hearing this person and she got mad talent.

I’m like who is KrisKaylin? I started asking around, then I go online and saw interviews that she has done for Youtube. I see her putting out playlists talking about who are the next new artists coming from the Carolinas. She has put me on to a lot of things just by following her. Of course, I’m going to extend my hand to her. She is a Black woman from the home team.

My point with that is, I heard her on the air, I heard she was dope, I do a bit more digging, I see she is doing a lot of things social media-wise, podcast-wise, and in the streets. I gotta extend my hand to somebody like that.

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