Actress Victoria Rowell Takes a Page out of Spike Lee’s Book… Is She OK?


Actress, Victoria Rowell has taken a page out of spike lee‘s book. The acclaimed soap star has taken her campaign to Kickstarter to get her sitcom off the ground. It’s called, The Rich and the Ruthless. She currently has a goal of $50,000. She’s gotten almost $8000.00 at press time but what’s of more concern is how extremely over the top she is in this video… She states “We’re gonna do it with or without you and we already have network interest…” is that a way to ask for money?The Rich and the Ruthless is a sit com that delves into the soapalicous swirl but oh, so real, gritty reality of the soap opera biz, The world is filled with Executives, and Actors all doing WHATEVER it takes to keep the show on air and maintaining the excessive lifestyle THEY ALL have grown accustom to.The show is centered around the iconic Soap Opera, The Rich and The Ruthless. The man behind the show is Augustus Barringer, He is as brilliant as he is cut throat which allowed him to build the show up from nothing to the Soap Opera empire it is today. He is surrounded by his twin children angling for money and power, and underling Executive angling for his own slice of power. But the real circus of the show involves the colorful cast of “actors” on the soap that may be more spoiled, more ruthless, and more calculating than the executives.


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