CeeLo Green’s Dramatic Weight Loss with EDiets.com

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 width=Ok ok ok, so he hasn’t loss the weight just yet but CeeLo Green has made a New Year’s Resolution to change his lifestyle and eating habits. He has now partnered with As Seen on TV, inc to take his fans on a journey during his weight loss process.As Seen On TV, Inc. (OCTQB: ASTV), a direct response marketing company, and CeeLo Green have entered into a strategic partnership to help the Grammy Award Winning artist with his New Year’s resolution to make health a habit. CeeLo Green will be the brand ambassador for eDiets.com, Inc., a pending acquisition of As Seen On TV, Inc., and will proudly use their fresh, diet meal delivery service as he embarks on his weight-loss journey.Releasing a video message to fans last week expressing his self-motivation and dedication to living a healthier life, CeeLo Green has chosen eDiets to assist him throughout this lifestyle change. As the brand ambassador of eDiets, CeeLo will work collaboratively with the combined As Seen On TV and eDiets teams to meet his personal goals, as well as, develop and launch a marketing plan to help encourage others to join him in his weight-loss journey. With this new partnership and peak diet season just around the corner, eDiets expects to greatly increase its awareness of its personalized weight-loss-oriented meal delivery products and services.eDiets is a leading provider of personalized nutrition, fitness and weight-loss programs. Its award-winning, fresh-prepared diet meal delivery service is sold directly to members on its flagship site, www.eDiets.com. eDiets’ unique infrastructure offers its users an end-to-end solution strategically tailored to meet its specific goals of achieving a healthy lifestyle.As an invested partner, CeeLo Green will receive an initial fee, a royalty and warrants to purchase shares of As Seen On TV common stock (ASTV); and, the license agreement is for a minimum of two years.”With the strenuous rehearsals and big production of my upcoming Vegas residency ‘LOBERACE’ kicking off in February, I’ve personally committed to making health a habit in the New Year,” stated CeeLo Green. “When I decided to make this commitment to myself, I needed a program that would work with my nonstop lifestyle, and eDiets has made it easy and convenient to make health a priority between recording new music, constant traveling and being a father.”Jen Hartnett, CEO of eDiets, stated, “We are excited about eDiets partnering with such a beloved and recognizable talent. CeeLo will undoubtedly maximize eDiets brand potential and be a powerful agent for change. We are honored that CeeLo has chosen eDiets to help him in his weight loss journey and believe he will inspire others to live a healthier life.”Steve Rogai, CEO of As Seen On TV, Inc. stated, “CeeLo Green is a smart and motivated artist with appeal to his millions of fans worldwide. We are very pleased with this partnership in that CeeLo’s interests are aligned with our shareholders at As Seen On TV Inc.; it’s a win-win situation as both eDiets and CeeLo have the same goal in mind ““ results.”

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