Capitol Records Celebrates 75 Years in Hollywood (pics)

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We’d like to thank our client Capitol records for inviting us to a spectacular event last night in Hollywood.  We would have had many more images but the place was literally wall to wall with people. BTW Never question Hammer’s star status, he had so many industry groupies all over him at the event we had to laugh. This man is a legend. We managed to finally get him away long enough to take a pic with us.

Capitol cordoned off the entire block in front of the legendary building as celebrities did the step and repeat.
DJ E-man/Power 106 APD, Krystal Bee co host The Cruz Show/Power 106, Gail Mitchell, Billboard R&B and Hip Hop edtor (unknown Billboard sales exec) and Power 106 morning show host J. Cruz/Power 106
SVP Urban Promotion Capital and Motown Azim Rashid and President of Programming @ BET, Stephen Hill enjoying the event.
AAFCA’s president and founder Gill Robertson and Billboard’s Gail Mitchell.
Bllboard’s Gail Mitchell and Radio Facts CEO Kevin Ross
(unknown) Gail Mitchtstsell, Billboard, Hammer and Kevin Ross/Radio Facts


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