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Radio Facts: Dualtone Music Group, an Entertainment One (eOne) company, has partnered with ThinkIndie, Magnolia Record Club and WEA/ADA Distribution to raise money in support of independent retail record stores through sales of a new, ThinkIndie shirt.

All net proceeds will be sent back to participating retails stores, with $1 of each sale going to ThinkIndie Distribution. Each store is expected to receive a minimum of $20 per unit sale. Additionally, WEA/ADA Distribution has stepped up to finance T-shirt manufacturing, allowing additional revenue to flow through to stores. 

Retailers can sign up by emailing

Each participating store will receive a unique link to promote the event. Shirt sales generated through that link will be tracked and net revenue will be paid out directly to each store. Revenue coming through the Magnolia store or a non-tracked, generic link will be split evenly amongst all participating stores.

There is incredible support for indie record stores from both consumers and the broader music industry. The creation and expansion of Record Store Day and other initiatives have allowed these entrepreneurs to not only survive but thrive in an everchanging retail environment. The current pandemic is only the latest challenge. Owners have been forced to temporarily close their stores to the public and resort to creative alternatives that emphasize a shift to online sales and curbside pickup. 

“Independent stores are the lifeblood of so many of our cities’ communities and cultures. These stores have played such huge roles in the development of our bands,” said Paul Roper, Dualtone’s President. “We hope to make a difference and have tried to make it as simple as possible for stores to be involved. We are handling all the fulfillment, manufacturing and accounting logistics. All the stores need to do is push their links. The more the stores promote, the more they will earn. Every artist, label, agent, trade organization in this industry has been positively affected by these stores. Now is our time to give back and participating is simple; please share the links.” 

Scott Register of ThinkIndie states, “The legendary Tom Waits put it best when he said, ‘Folks who work here are professors. Don’t replace all the knowers with guessers. Keep ‘em open. They’re the ears of the town.’ ThinkIndie is owned and operated by indie record stores for indie record stores. Indie record retail is what we know, and we will do anything and everything we can to help keep their doors open.”

In just over a week, pre-orders of the shirt have exceeded $20,000. Participating stores will be paid by Dualtone every 30 days during the promotion.

The shirt retails for $27 and is screen printed on a super soft Tultex Poly Cotton unisex shirt, printed and designed by Yellowhammer Creative. Pre-order is up now at the Dualtone Store and Magnolia Record Club’s Store

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