Radio Facts: BREAKDOWN: George Wilborn Denied right to buy 1.7 Million House in Chicago..what's next?Forgot to mention this earlier… Comedian George Wilborn was recently denied an opportunity to buy a $1.7 million home in Bridgeport, IL. The Department of Urban Housing and Development has filed a administrative complaint against the homeowners, the real estate agent and his firm, Prudential Rubloff Properties. I'm sure “Prudential Rubloff Properties” is a subsidiary of Prudential Real Estate and an agent who became a broker is using their name to run his own operation for high end homes.As an agent myself, I know that George also needs to file a complaint with the Illinois Real Estate Commission to try to get the license of the seller's agent revoked or suspended. I also hope that he has secured a good real estate attorney to sue the sh… out of the owners.   Real estate agents are supposed to walk away from selling a house when the owners make a racist request (to not sell to black buyers). However, since George's agent (buyer's agent) DID, at least, show the house to a prospective black buyer George's agent and his/her broker will get off, even if they knew of the request.   The seller's agent is in deep sh… and the question remains, how did George discover this request was made? If the seller's agent disclosed it, the snowball gets even bigger. Nevertheless, a buyer's agent is supposed to disclose this type of information as part of their fiduciary duty to the client (George) so this is going to be interesting. Hopefully, George will see this suit through and expose the racist owners and agent with Prudential who I'm sure were protecting the “interest” of the community and homeowners in Chicago, so it's not just the sellers, I'm sure it's the whole neighborhood. Prudential will say Rubloff is not actually a part of their corporation but a subsidiary to avoid paying damages. Can you believe this is still going on in 2010?Yearly, millions of people are victims of housing discrimination. Even though there are four million violations of the Federal Fair Housing Act every year, only 30,000 claims are actually filed. Sadly, people experience discrimination, but they don't act on it”.



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