width=Michael Baisden appears to be very determined to get a slot on the only urban station in the Number One market WBLS/New York. WBLS is now a bonafide powerhouse in the industry unmatched in the top radio market. From this point, an internship at the station will be considered a stellar position.

Yesterday the talk show host boasted to his fans, “Buffoonery Over Activism: Do we really prefer music and jokes over content?” Ouch, this approach may not be one of Baisden’s finer moments when it comes to protocol on a slot request for a high profile historic station but industry insiders question if Baisden’s appeal and interesting tactics will win WBLS over, according to a very good Radio Facts source close to WBLS, the station is not impressed with being called “Buffoons” nor the barrage of phone calls from Baisden’s fans interrupting the station’s daily operations and effort to adapt to the recent changes. Baisden gave out the station phone number on his campaign site to have his fans “respectfully call” to ask that his show be added.

He has reached his original goal of 12,000 signatures and now he is asking for 18,000. At last count, he was up to 16,000 or more on his petition site. Baisden has an event in NY that was planned before WRKS changed formats so he was obviously not aware the change was coming.   While the fans may be none the wiser, the New York radio story for WBLS is now front page news for the leading industry trade site, Radio Facts . Those of us in the industry understand how massively important it is to have NY on the roster for a syndicated show.

Even if WBLS did decide to bring Baisden in they would have to eliminate a newly announced position for a veteran announcer in the market. Keith Sweat got the boot and ironically is the one syndicated show I have heard the least about over the last couple of years. The industry was SHOCKED that he even got a slot on WBLS when he premiered and everyone complained about how awful the show was. I have to admit, I’ve never heard the show.   Tom Joyner was also given the boot from WRKS and sources state his company Reach Media was red hot because they allegedly paid a very handsome sum to be on the air at WRKS and desperately needed the market. Others felt the TJMS show was not sophisticated enough to captivate the NY audience from gate.   At this point media mogul Steve Harvey has the coveted honor of being the only full time syndicated show on WBLS (to my knowledge) and no one can argue with Harvey’s mass appeal. The only question I have is why hasn’t Baisden written any more books? I’m surprised one of HIS books is not a movie by now. He had a head start on Harvey, what happened?

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  1. Michael Baisden is just feeling (mildly) the effects of what his show did to so many of his fellow broadcasters when it first went on the air. He and other syndicated shows (Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, etc.) put so many local people out of work in the cities that picked up these shows. Syndicated radio shows were pushed heavily by the corporations that bought out the “Ma and Pa” radio stations because it was much less expensive for them to hire and syndicate one Michael Baisden, or Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey show than it was to pay for a morning crew at each station. Michael Baisden needs to realize that if he’s carried in the afternoons on 75 stations, 74 afternoon show announcers lose their jobs!! Plus, the audiences in these cities have been losing coverage of what’s going on in their local areas, and Michael Baisden has never really addressed this issue publicly. He has never spoken on whether or not he cares about putting so many of his fellow broadcasters out of work. He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s been a corporate pawn for years, and that his show was created to save the corporations money, not to be the champion of the radio in the afternoons for the Black community. While it’s good he has shined the spotlight on Sanford, FL and he made a big deal about the Jena 6, he must acknowledge that he may have also lost countless others publicity that didn’t make the “national cut” of news stories. How many other Trayvon Martins got overlooked b/c Michael Baisden or Tom Joyner ignored the story? I think that R&B radio has always had a responsibility to dissiminate information beyond constant music, and perhaps a mix of National and local news issues should be developed again for radio stations. I”m not hating on Michael, but as a broadcaster who’s been on the airwaves for 30 years now, I’ve seen this pattern develop, and perhaps it’s time for this to come full circle. Perhaps it’s time to bring local morning and afternoon radio teams back to Black radio stations. The Ma and Pa stations were much more committed to their respective communities and it kept the stations in touch with the concerns of their local communities. The whole “Chuckle head radio” syndication on some of these morning and afternoon shows is certainly not doing our Blk communities any good. It’s not uplifting radio and it teaches little if anything positive. These special events like Jena 6 and the Trayvon Martin marches have been good, but they could also have been organized by local radio people too. I hope Michael Baisden also realizes that he’s on still in over 40 markets, all of them stream on the internet, so people in NYC can still hear him, they just have to become a bit more computer savvy, and that’s not a bad thing at this point in time. I think it’s time to put the local people back on the air. Enough of this cookie-cutter robotic programming!! The corporations have wrecked black radio, it’s time for the people to take it back!! I own an online station: http://www.1067thebridge.com/ and I try to run it like radio stations used to do it with news, information, music and unique programming. I don’t do corporate cookie-cutter radio! Internet radio is a viable alternative and it can make an impact in ways that were not possible in past years. The radio game is forever changed, listeners have to be more aggressive and computer savvy to get the programming they want. I love radio, both internet and terrestrial, but change is in the air and it’s going to continue for the foreseeable future.
    welcome to 1067thebridge.com where we bridge musical gaps. We play the best of the best from old School R&B, Today’s R&B, Lite Rock, Smoothjazzinthemix Norrie Jazz, and Gospel. 1067thebridge.com is owned by HRC.

  2. we need several of the 98.7 kiss shows back and the entire regular crew—–this new crew is boring and they do not make u feel at home at all. they are to say the least very dull and sound like they are just doing a job—wherein the 98.7crew made u feel like family. Michael Baisden had the best show i have ever heard and he is a doer—he brought many incidents to the public that they were unaware of, makes it his business to look out for todays youth and our everyday families. he was there for everyone……this man is honest, funny, friendly and a born leader.(he needs to be in politics)….he needs to be back on the air….right now i feel that if it were not for shaila and lenny there would be no need to listen to WBLS—–their staff is very stiff and they do not give off a friendly likeable air and they have no personality……Open lines needs to be put back onn too!

  3. Jeff Foxx rocking the box is not a buffoon and Baisden knows him and knows this.And I’m sure Foxx has beaten Baisden a few times in the bogus ratings shih I mean system.So when he uses the term buffoon is he talking about Harvey,maybe that’s who he is really talkin bout,lol.Could Baisden be jealous his books are not big hits on the screen like the quote buffoons?

    Foxx is a good brother, a very good and credible friend of mine works with him.Baisden will lose a little pocket change,why should Foxx lose his job, he too is well liked in that city.

    Some people may see Baisden as a buffoon..BLS is the only game in town,they will get numbers with or without Baisden.Next!!!

    I need Bob Slade and them on BLS before Baisden. BLS SR VP Deon came on the Open Line on Sunday and said he wanted both that show and Sharpton’s show on Sunday Mornings on BLS ,Sharp from 9-10a,Open Line 10-12n.

  4. ‘OPEN LINE’ MUST have air time on Sundays from 10 am to 12 pm.

    Michael Baisden did give voice to important, relevant issues that affect the Black Community!
    He will be missed.

  5. U need more than bob slade’s show on wbls jeff foxx came from kiss, so he is already seen as some1 that was kiss also, but the 2nd poster is right wbls seems dull and sounds dull, it was widely thought after the hostile takeover aka the so called “magic saves the day for inner city broadcasting.” that wbls would wake up from that 30 year sleep it was in overall after kiss became the dominate player in the city radio market, but if this is any indication of whats to come from this 2 person former kiss crew moving to wbls to replace former wbls announcers that were being beaten by those 2 former kiss announcers then wbls in it’s current incarnation will be the laughing stock of urban radio in general, you can only fool the public so long with merged together and 1 voice 1 black urban ac in nyc, it won’t work. Black nyc is marginalized enough as it is already.

  6. rakuten, radio facts


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