George Floyd and his Murderer Derek Chauvin’s former Employer have Radio Station Connection


Not sure if many industry people know this but the club that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked at was owned by Maya Santamari who ironically just sold the building a few months ago but she is also the owner and operator of La Raza 95.7 FM.

Photo Credit: Former club owner/LaRaza FM Owner and Operator Maya Santamari

The station had a power outage as a result of the rioting and that’s when employees informed her that Floyd was a former employee. She knew Chauvin was and she states in this video that he always had a short fuse and used force when it wasn’t necessary.

She hired him as an off duty security guard to work the outside and Floyd worked on the inside of the club. It seems it would have been very hard for Chauvin to miss Floyd in an environment like this one and she thinks even if they didn’t know each other they certainly crossed paths.

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