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"Barry from DC is calling?" President Obama Calls Virginia Radio Show

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Radio Facts: who-is-barack-obamaDuring Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s last radio show today on WTOP radio, he got a surprise call from a “Barry from DC.” “Barry from DC is calling,” Kaine said on live radio. “Go ahead Barry” “Well, uh, governor Kaine this is, uh, actually the president of the United States calling,” Obama said joking that he had some, “questions about traffic in northern Virginia.”Actually, the President was calling into Kaine’s last radio show to wish him a congratulations for a job well done as Virginia’s governor. Kaine is leaving his office as governor in January, but will remain chairman of the DNC. The White House confirms the President made the call, but say a WTOP producer referred to the President as “Barry from DC” to keep the surprise for Kaine on air. The President didn’t actually refer to himself as such. “I just wanted to say how proud we are of your service as governor of the commonwealth of Virginia,” President Obama said,”And just wish you and the family all the best.” The governor thanked him, and referenced the health care vote in the Senate.”The vote the other night was a powerful, powerful moment and we’ve got a lot of good work to do and I’m looking forward to being helpful.” Obama said congratulations once again and then told Kaine to, “get back to the show.”via “Barry from DC is calling?” Obama Calls Virginia Radio Show – Political Punch.

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Top 10 Reasons President Obama Won

Top 10 Reasons President Obama Won

#1 His LeadershipPresident Obama is an EXCELLENT leader and he has followed his 2008 promises as closely as he could with a few exceptions that involved depending on the Republican House who have absolutely refused to work with him in the hopes that he would be a one-term president.

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