The Urban Radio and Music Industry Comes Together for Graham Armstrong


The Urban Radio and Music Industry Comes Together for Graham Armstrong. When we ran the original story almost two weeks ago, Radio Facts was bombarded with calls and emails about Graham’s condition. We were not able to respond to everyone but we are thrilled to say that so many of you have come forward to offer your support. Thanks to everyone who has responded.

You’ll hear the voices of a lot of old friends. Thanx to Chris Jonz for suggesting that we hold a call and to EJ Sayles and Belinda Wilson for being there in the hospital holding the phone so Graham could hear. According to the conference call report, there were 94 people on the call and about 40 people gave a prayer or testimony.

We started with Pastor Marilyn Batchelor and heard from Earl Jordan, Pastor Don Mac, Michael “N5” Nixon, Ken Wilson, Denise Campbell – a classmate from Chicago, John Hall Jr, Chris Jonz, Earnest James, Guy Brody, Shirley Strawberry, Denise Edwards, Herb Trawick, Tosha Thomas, Carole Carper, Bradie Speller, Wendell Bates, Jackie Rhinehart, Tamala Lewis, Doug Daniel, Paulette DeSouzia, Jalila Larsuel, Kashif, his sister Patricia Patton from Maywood, Hector Hannibal, Terri Christanio, James Alexander, his cousin Lana Williams from Chicago, Cynthia Badie Beard, Lee Bailey, Brut Bailey, Colleen & Donnice Wilson, Curtis Harmon from Tokyo, his brother James Armstrong, his sister Sylvia Armstrong, his sister-in-law Vivian Armstrong, Sheila Eldridge, Tonya Byrd, Vernon Slaughter and Tawala Sharpe.

We came together as a group to thank God and whichever higher power we individually believe in and affirmed that Graham is getting stronger and is being healed. The call was a real testament to the long-lasting friendships we’ve formed and that even if we lose touch, we are able to find our way back to each other when someone needs support. I hope that this call encouraged you to reach out to someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while and reconnect with them.

Don’t forget to post messages on the Facebook fan page, EJ and Belinda are showing him the page and reading the messages to him.

Lastly, let’s flood the hospital with get well cards. Here’s the address again:

Mr. Graham Armstrong
â„… Kaiser Permanente Hospital
6041 Cadillac Avenue
3rd floor, room 3815
Los Angeles, CA 90035


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