Who Are The Best DJs and The Best Radio Radio DJs of All Time?


Radio Facts:  width=It’s been a long time since I have seen a list of the best DJs, Mix Radio DJs and Radio Radio DJs. I was looking on line and most of the “famous” Radio DJs were in other countries on The Best lists but I know for sure the best are here in the states. Just wondering who you think is/was the best. We’re looking for the best DJs in the world they can be mix, club or on-air announcers.   State the name and the city they worked in and some info like what they are doing now if you have it in the comments section… My list is below…   Kevin

Frankie Crocker – WBLS NY

Chuckie T- Buffalo

Zilla Mays -Atlanta

Keith Pollard – Buffalo/Atlanta

Carol Blackmon – Atlanta

Diana Steele – Various Stations West Coast

John Monds – Various Stations

Cliff Winston – Various Stations

Stoney – Mix Radio DJ -Vermilion Room – Buffalo

Baby CC – Mix Radio DJ – Columbus, GA

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