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Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Baby Cured of HIVThis is an amazing story of a baby cured of Hiv. A baby, whose identity has been kept anonymous, began an aggressive regimen of AIDS drugs about 30 hours after she was born at a rural Mississippi hospital to an Hiv infected mother. At 18 months and losing contact with the hospital, the mother took the child off the medication. They tracked her down due to missed appointments and finally got the chance to conduct tests. After checking and checking again, With no signs of the virus for 10 months, the infant was deemed “functionally cured,” researchers said.Hiv treatments can hold the disease at bay, though stopping the drugs can be a death sentence since it allows infected cells secreted within the immune system to re-emerge, spreading the virus anew. Administering the mix of drugs right after birth may have stopped the virus from forming hidden reservoirs. If confirmed in further studies, the approach could help cure some of the 300,000 children infected each year with the AIDS virus. Hmmm, this is very interesting. What do you think about this situation?

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