Alfred Liggins Put on the Spot by Two Young Girls (video)


Liggins makes valid points but he screwed up when he admitted the radio station “makes a lot of money” with the perceived negative hip-hop music format. It came across as a bit arrogant and uncaring but his intention may have been to make a point about doing business. This was not the crowd for that.   There is no way a radio corporation can make money playing all positive rap music and we all know that. The trends determine the playlist (well they used to).   The beautiful sisters on either side of   him look as if they are waiting to see how he answers the questions too. He could have explained his point better by pointing out, for exle, how Rush Limbaugh says and does things a lot of people don’t like but he has a huge fan base and the radio corporations are in the business to succeed or he could have given his statement balance by referring to the positive things that Radio One does in the community or the positive shows, like Tom Joyner or CoCo Brother but he was caught off guard by the two articulate young girls who the crowd seemed to favor over Radio One’s mission to appeal to the greater audience.

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