WNKU Goes All Music


While some have speculated that the proposed royalty fees that would have radio stations pay to play music would cause many stations to go all talk, Northern Kentucky’s WNKU (89.7 FM; wnku.org) is headed the other direction. The station just announced a move to all music, meaning it will drop National Public Radio programming like Morning Edition and Fresh Air.

WNKU was a pioneer in Adult Album Alternative (or Triple A) format 20 years ago, so the move is a natural extension of what it does best (the station plays a mix of Alternative, Neo Folk, AltCountry, Blues, World, Indie and local music). The shift begins Feb. 1 when WNKU news director Craig Kopp (formerly WEBN’s news director) debuts Morning Drive, a music and news program.

via WNKU Goes All Music.


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