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Out of Control Senior Prank Gets Classes Canceled for the Rest of the School Year

An out-of-control senior prank caused classes at a Texas high school to get canceled for the rest of the school year. The approved prank ended up costing thousands of dollars in damages.

The prank involved sticking Post-it notes all over walls and was organized by a small group of students at Frisco’s Memorial High School. However, school officials said a building-wide act of vandalism resulted from the stunt.

As the campus was cleaned on Thursday and Friday, the high school had to cancel classes. The damage was so extensive that the school year was cut short for graduating seniors, Fox 4 reported.

School officials said that students responsible for the mess would be forced to pay for it.

“Damage is estimated in the thousands of dollars and includes paint on the walls, destruction of furniture, discharged fire extinguishers throughout campus, and more,” school administrators said in a letter.

“Every surface on the 300,000 sq. ft. campus must be cleaned, including the walls, ceilings, and floors. Frisco ISD will hold the students responsible for costs associated with the clean-up,” administrators said.

Staff and administrators were at the school monitoring the prank; however, the police and fire department were called once the situation got out of hand.

White fog from fire extinguishers filled a vandalized cafeteria as other students filmed the chaos, the social media video shows. Officials said, no one was injured in the chaos.


“It was another level of embarrassment for me because I was expecting just to go to school the next day and sticky notes be everywhere,” senior Katelynn Mabrey told Fox 4.

School officials and the police department are working together to identify those involved. The pranksters could face criminal charges.

Mabrey said not getting to see her favorite teachers in the building as a student again is a disappointment.

“They canceled school because of everything that happened. And now, I don’t get to see those teachers that were a big part of my life,” Katelynn said. “And it’s just it’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s just sad.”

Friday’s high school graduation ceremony is expected to carry on as scheduled.

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