WHUR Next Big Voice Announcing Winner This week: Contest Not Rigged


contests-NextBigVoice-Show-HeaderRadio Facts has gotten several emails from anonymous people stating the WHUR‘s Next Big Voice Contest is rigged. The contest officially ended this past week. We talked to Radio Station PD Maxx Myrick about the accusations and he stated everything is completely legitimate: “Voting in “Washington’s Next Big Voice” is/was an opinion poll only, which may be used as part of our determination of “Washington’s Next Big Voice.” Only one vote per person per day. The final decision will be at the sole discretion of the Management of WHUR. Vote procedures are subject to change at WHUR’s sole discretion without notice.” We will keep you posted of the winner.


  1. Dear WHUR Management… Here is why we think the contest isn’t “honest”. Everyone that participated was invited to. You said so. We (listeners) would think that all of the “research” has been done before they received an invite. You should be ok with hiring any of these participants leaving the final factor up to the listeners. What are you calculating? We saw the numbers and the percentages. You only had maybe 2 or 3 participants really campaigning hard for votes. Troy & Marc went on TV asking for votes (that didn’t seem fair but it didn’t seem to help either) The website would have issues and when those issues were resolved, the numbers would change dramatically in the favor of the same 2 (Frank Ski and Leigh Hamilton). How can a participant with 1% of the listener vote still have a chance to win? How can you tell 40% of the listeners that their choice didn’t win? Do you see our issue? I’ve been a listener of WHUR since I came to college in the DMV in 1986. If the “winner” doesn’t WIN, I’ll never listen to this station again… and by the way.. the person I voted for only had 1%, but fair is fair and the listeners voted for Kesha Monk.


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