Radio Facts: We have an incredibly rich history in the Black music industry and we will be posting vintage industry pics on occasion to see how well you know your history. Can you name any of these people? Give it a try before you hit the “NEXT” tag above or below, where we have the names.VINTAGE INDUSTRY PIC: Can You Name These People?VINTAGE INDUSTRY PIC: Can You Name These People?1580 KDAY was the first radio station in the country to play Billy Preston's ‘Will It Go Round in Circles.' At a luncheon sponsored by A&M Records, Gold records were presented to Program Director, Jim Maddox and Music Director, Don Mac (D.L. McPhaull) — with Paul Batista – KDAY, Sales Mgr,Jim Maddox, Gary Price, KDAY General Manager,Don Mac (D.L. McPhaull), Jan Basham, A&M Records, Harold Childs – A&M and Lil Minor – Charlie Row Campo. (Photo Credit: D.L. McPhaull for the image)


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