V103’s Greg Street Says Jermaine Dupri is DEAD

This is a personal situation folks. Watch both videos. Greg seems to have taken the statement personal. Yet, Greg makes some really good points here too. I never heard Jermaine say “I’m the biggest thing in Atlanta since Martin Luther King” and I agree that would be extremely disrespectful… Jermaine makes no reference to Greg but he seems to have pissed Greg off wtih his statement about DJ’s being dead.

What do you think of these statements?

1. Jermaine Dupri is like my little brother
2. JD is all on the internet saying a member of the family (the DJ) is dead
3. I’ve been breaking SoSo Def Records ever since (Ronnie Johnson introduced us) until recently and you know what that’s all about
4. The DJ is not dead you gotta stop putting your name on all these wack records. You signing records that you don’t even know gone work.
5. Janet said Virgin messed the last album up and now you saying Def Jam messed this album up. It’s time to take a look in the mirror.
6. You are internationally known but you are not locally respected.
7. You put Janet on the Bust it Baby remix? You turned an Icon into a Bust it Baby?
8. Call your label Slow Slow Def…

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