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urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip hop music radio, black female singersTalented composers from all over the world were celebrated across 22 categories at the fourth annual Production Music Awards in association with MCPS Production Music.The event, hosted by Jonny Trunk, founder of British independent record label Trunk Records, took place at The Ballroom, 8 Northumberland Avenue in London on 22 November. The awards honoured the most important and influential creators and their works within the production music industry.Music used in the latest advertising campaigns, television programmes and film trailers including X-Men Dark Phoenix, The Great Hack and Robin Hood were judged by a panel of 37 experts from across the industry who assessed entries based on composition, originality, production quality, and fit to moving image.Among the accolades, 15 composition winners and six sync winners were chosen. Universal Production Music was the biggest winner of the night claiming six awards including, Best Hip Hop/Rap/Urban Production Music Track and Best Use of Production Music in Television Factual for its inclusion in BBC One’s Earth from Space series.PRS Foundation Best Newcomer Award went to Amy McKnight. Her portfolio of work includes the latest Herbal Essences Worldwide TV campaign, creating a modern fresh sound for the brand. The track has also been officially released and can be streamed on all major platforms.For the full list of winners by category see below.From rock, to ambient, world, hip-hop and folk, to electronic, pop and jazz, the Production Music Awards champion a wide range of genres and cover a cross-section of media platforms including, online viral ad campaigns, drama and factual television, and feature film.Andy Harrower, Director of Licensing, PRS for Music said: “We are proud to once again support The Production Music Awards. It is a special night for everyone in production music and has become an important fixture in the calendar, synonymous with celebrating musical excellence. Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees, who continue to raise the standard of competition each year.”Speaking to PRS for Music’s M Magazine before the event about the unique challenges of production music, Malory Torr, Extreme Music, Winner Best Acoustic Pop/Rock Production Music Track for Cornucopia, said: “One of the most challenging aspects is also one I enjoy most and that is writing in genres you would never normally sing or perform in. It’s an amazing opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and push your own boundaries. Another challenge though, is writing music that is authentic but also viable to be synced at the same time It’s a balance between keeping it original but universal, without it veering into the dangerous territory of cliché.”The Production Music Awards were held in association with MCPS Production Music and supported by PRS for Music, PRS Foundation and Klineberg K-OMS Production Music Manager. www.productionmusicawards.com2019 Production Music Awards Winners:Composition AwardsKey: Name of track // Music Library // Composer(s)BEST ACOUSTIC POP / ROCK PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Cornucopia // Extreme Music // Malory Torr, Danny McLauchlanBEST AMBIENT / MINIMALIST PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Cloud Castle // VideoHelper // Florian GravouilBEST CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019City Under The Sea // Universal Production Music (Chappell Recorded Music Library) // Chris Doney, Beth PerryBEST DANCE PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Riverbed // Extreme Music // Nick Kingsley, Margot MaxineBEST ELECTRONIC PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Game On // Cavendish Music // Jamie WilderBEST FOLK PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Together We Stand // Cavendish Music // Oliver Price, Lewis FieldhouseBEST HIP HOP / RAP / URBAN PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019City Luxe // Universal Production Music (Bruton Music) // Beat FatigueBEST INDIE / ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Keep Walking // VideoHelper // Saul GuanipaBEST JAZZ PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Tango De Rojo // BMG Production Music (Selectracks) // Craig GildnerBEST POP PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Replay // No Sheet Music // John Winston, James George, Lily JuniperBEST ROCK PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Mountains // BMG Production Music (The Den) // Timothy OxnardBEST SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019The Ocean Depths // Cavendish Music // Harry LightfootBEST TRAILER PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Shudder (RHYTHMIC) // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewar WinterBEST WORLD PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019The Seven Samurai // Universal Production Music (Atmosphere Music) // Dominik Luke Marsden Johnson, Alexius TschallenerBEST WILDCARD PRODUCTION MUSIC TRACK 2019Unleash The Devil // Extreme Music // Nick Kingsley, Jim DaviesSynchronisation AwardsKey: Name of track // Sync (i.e. what was the track used on) // Music Library // Composer(s)BEST USE OF PRODUCTION MUSIC IN TELEVISION ADVERTISING 2019Innocent Love // BP – Blind Date // BMG Production Music (Score Production Music) // Paul Lennon, Dave HewsonBEST USE OF PRODUCTION MUSIC IN TELEVISION FACTUAL 2019Luminous Touch // BBC Earth From Space: Sand Dune Lagoons // Universal Production Music (Atmosphere Music) // Andrew John Skeet, Andrew Michael Britton, David Stephen GoldsmithBEST USE OF PRODUCTION MUSIC IN A SPORTS PROMO 2019Direct Route // Wimbledon Coco Gauff // Ninja Tune Production Music // Chris HallBEST USE OF PRODUCTION MUSIC IN A TELEVISION TRAILER 2019This Spells Trouble // TNT4 – Equally Powerful Movies // Extreme Music // Nick KingsleyBEST USE OF PRODUCTION MUSIC IN A FILM TRAILER 2019In Limbo // Farming Trailer // Cavendish Music // Jake Shillingford, Nick EvansBEST USE OF PRODUCTION MUSIC IN DIGITAL / ONLINE ADVERTISING 2019Blast Dem Up // Introducing 5 Carlos Place – // Universal Production Music (Killer Tracks & Soundcast Music) // Ali Theodore, Jordan Yeager, Sarai Howard, Sergio CabralPRS Foundation Award for Best NewcomerComposer Amy McKnight (Universal Production Music)

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