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Tom Joyner Divorce Not Amicable, Wife Expects Cut of Radio One Sale?


(Sources state that Tom Joyner and his wife have allegedly been divorced for months, the problem appears to be that Donna wants part of the Radio One purchase deal for Reach Media…. )

2013 is off to a rocky start for the haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadest working man in radio as Donna is in the full holiday spirit asking… “Come Fill oh Ye Purse, with all of thy profits. Oh come ye,   OH COME YE!!!

We held off on this story for a while because we actually felt sorry for Tom. Yes, the man we were so pissed at for taking over a plethora of urban stations and leaving   many young radio people at the garbage bin simply labeled “Dream Deferred Only..”   While we may not always agree with Mr. Joyner some things are BEYOND obvious…. As the old saying goes a picture tellith a thousand wordiths. Look at this picture.   There you have it. The story…yes, the words.

As the leading urban radio industry site, we have a rule ….not to be compared to other so called trades (what an INSULT) AND not to dog true urban radio Radio DJs and legends (there's a LOT of stories that we have not posted about PDs and Radio DJs from ALL formats) We read the manual for Radio Facts and yes, we do consider Mr. Joyner to fit that criteriar (damn)   Here's to Walmart's hard working pot-bellied, bald, fat women with nappy beards, survived by two back teeth, a nasty attitude and the consistent dedication to microwave last night's fried chicken for lunch in the used aluminum foil…. WHEW!!!. We now see your Beauty…Will YOU marry us? This story is going to get UGLAY and quite frankly we have our own crap to deal wit for a lot LESS money…so we wish Tom the best and we will let the other blogs and sites have this foolishness and debauchery. As they say in the deep woods of Georgia….”Murry Chrima… (Disclaimer, these are bits and pieces of kevRoss' dark and unusual humor, reading it may cause head-scratching, cake-baking or deeper thinking)


  1. Kevin, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? As much as I feel very close to how you do about these mega jocks that are syndicated and left us old (and up and coming) jocks jobless, I can’t blame Tom for what happened to the industry. Blame the Honorary brother Bill Clinton first. Tom took advantage of an opportunity that had it been presented to any of us (probably you too) we would have taken advantage of. Unlike the Ricky Smiliey/Steve Harvey’s of the world, Tom paid his dues. It cost him his first marriage. Now the second marriage is about to be toast.

    However you should have NEVER held off on the story. If it is Dick Clark would you have printed it when you knew about it? Probably. Tom should not get a pass cause you were (or are) pissed at him. He should be treated like any other failed-marriage-about-to-lose-a-whole-bunch-of-money-jock.

    Merry Christmas…

  2. I’m with you.. don’t have a lot of time and energy to spend on this story, but I must admit, that as a fitness buff and a radio head, I’ve been wondering for some time how this couple was making it.. she had to have a very specific regimen of nutriition/exercise and clearly TJ rejected it….. Don’t know about the personal attitude dynamics, but in the fitness category alone, how you gonna be the black fitness queen with dvd’s and books and the like and your husband is packing a potbelly like TJ’s… He obviously is living good, but fitness has to be a part of his lifestyle – just from a mortality standpoint.. she just couldn’t get that through his head I guess… ok I’m gone…. Merry Christmas!

  3. Whatever personal problems Tom Joyner has,I could care less. This is a lesson to ALL the brothers who are successful and don’t get themselves a top-flight financial advisor. Brother Joyner should have incorporated and paid himself a small stipend so neither an ex wife or the IRS can take away what he’s worked so hard to amass. Why do you think Steve Jobs paid himself $1.00 a year and .took everything else in stock that he didn’t make a dime from until he sold it? The corporation took care of all his needs (house,car,clothing,food,travel expenses).If he issued himself “no par value” stock then all she would have gotten was ZIP.You sell the stock back to the corporation when you need money,and the “Chairman” (who is also yourself) determines what price the company will pay. How do you think the billionaires stay billionaires? Not by giving their money away to goldiggers or the IRS.

  4. Sorry, Tom. Since the Women’s Liberation Movement, courts have been considering a combination of the living “to which the woman has become accustomed” and how much she contributed to the man’s career rise. Usually women get a handsome settlement. Few men get away scott free. That’s the way it be these days.

  5. When they married, I knew she would not stay with him long….did he not see that? He used to always talk about ‘Donna’ ….poor Tom!


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