Timbaland’s Beatclub partners with Horizon Fintech, allowing users to trade music shares, NFTs + more


Horizon Fintex (“Horizon”), the FinTech company powering the digital stock exchange, Upstream, and fan engagement platform, Global Fan Exchange (“GFX”), today announced a partnership with Grammy Award-winning Producer Timbaland and Gary Marella’s highly anticipated beat-selling marketplace, Beatclub. The partnership aims to bring first-of-their kind investment and regulated trading opportunities to fans globally while empowering the music creator community with the tools to drive funding and next level fan engagement to their music. First deals are expected to go live later this year.
Beatclub enables artists to create music from beats crafted by Timbaland and other super-producers like Mike WiLL Made-It, Cash Money AP, Mike Dean, Tainy, J. Cole, Federico Vindver, Larrance Dopson, Tommy Brown and other A-list creators. Beatclub also recently partnered with both the National Hockey League (NHL) and Red Bull to provide custom music experiences.

Timbaland's Beatclub partners with Horizon Fintech, allowing users to trade music shares, NFTs + more

Horizon’s integration will enable creators to fund their music ventures by offering a percentage of their songs, albums and masters to fans, who in turn become brand ambassadors that help drive awareness of the music. 
On GFX, fans will be able to browse opportunities to purchase ownership shares in their favorite songs. Using Upstream, the Horizon-powered digital exchange and trading app, fans will be able to trade shares with other fans from around the world for as little as $25, receive potential dividends and royalties, and purchase memorabilia as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In addition to sharing in any of the music’s success, fans will also gain access to unique perks such as meet and greets, early access, etc.

Online beat marketplaces are growing rapidly as the ability to create and distribute music seamlessly from home becomes more mainstream. Sample-library Splice has a valuation of $500 million, and Beatstars has paid out over $150 million in producer royalties to date. The Horizon/Beatclub partnership offers creators a mutually beneficial ecosystem to drive funding to produce beats and songs while giving back to fans who are seeking new opportunities to engage with creators.
“Beatclub connects our growing music creator community with industry-leading producers,” says Beatclub Founder Timbaland. “Our partnership with Horizon and Global Fan Exchange adds another key component in driving artists’ success by mobilizing fans and allowing them to connect with creators in an entirely new way.”

“We believe this partnership will empower music creatives at every level by enabling music fans to support their favorite artists very early in the creative process,” says Beatclub CEO Gary Marella.

“Integrating with Beatclub, a platform with thousands of the top producers, writers and artists gives us unprecedented access to the music industry,” says Horizon President Mark Elenowitz. “Our collaboration will enable us to bring innovative music ownership, NFT services, and regulated trading opportunities to our growing fan-investor community.”

Horizon and Global Fan Exchange makes all corporate, compliance and offering requirements user-friendly for the artists. This partnership announcement follows the news that Grammy-winning, international superstar Armando Christian Pérez (Pitbull) has joined GFX’s music division as a strategic advisor. Interested athletes, musicians, and entertainers can reach the management team at horizon@globalfanexchange.com. Interested fans can learn more and join the investor waitlist at https://globalfanexchange.com.

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