New Allegations Against Eric Ferguson of WTMX radio


New allegations continue to pile on against Eric Ferguson of WTMX radio in Chicago

This past December Melissa McGurren exited her position as co-host of Eric Ferguson’s morning show amidst constant alleged harassment by the host and she’s finally speaking out about it according to the Chicago Tribune

McGurren states that she had made numerous complaints about the “unbearable hostile work environment” to management to no avail.

She felt her complaints were completely ignored by WTMX 101.9.

Ironically, McGurren’s complaints mirrored the complaints of Cynthia DeNicolo who has recently filed a lawsuit against the station for the alleged harrassment of Ferguson including her having to allegedly perform oral sex on him on several occasions to keep her employment with the station.

She too allegedly complained to management with little or no response.

McGurren concurs with DeNicolo that Ferguson is extremely abusive towards women in her EEOC complaint.


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