Tigger Canned from WPGC… on his Birthday?


 width=It’s kind of odd thinking that Big Tigger has been on the air for 20 years now.   Looks like that ended yesterday and of all days, his 39th birthday December 22. I wonder if the Radio Station knew it was his birthday? Considering his birthday fell on a Thursday (who gets fired on Thursday?) Seems the Radio Station could have AT LEAST waited until he finished his show today (Friday).

Tigger confirmed the report on Twitter:

FYI @WPGC & I have agreed 2 part ways. The BigTiggerMorningShow W/ Free is no more! Thanx 4 ya support & stay tuned! Now Back 2 my Bday:) RT

In an internal memo, Jason Kidd, WPGC‘s controversial PD replacement for Michael Saunders, stated: “I want to let you know that Tigger will no longer be hosting mornings on WPGC. Tigger has been a huge part of WPGC over the years. He started as an intern at PGC back in 1993 and eventually moved into nights in 1996. He came back later in the 2000s for afternoons and then, most recently, mornings. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” How odd a termination tribute?

Good luck to Tigger.




  1. I feel that they did great by letting him go, I did not listen to him or 93.9, all they do is play the same songs and there was nothing GROWN and SEXY about it. Everytime I met him he acted as if he was too big for the fans who didnt know him. What go around sure do come back around. BRING DONNIE BACK, they went from suger to shit when they let him go and got Tigger now they are about to go deeper in teh shit with Lil Moe. Lord what is really going on. Not that my opinion count but we need talent on WPGC.

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