Katz Media Group, the nation’s largest media sales organization, delivering dynamic advertising solutions and insights for brands and agencies, today announced Scott Porretti has been elevated to President of Katz Digital Audio, a division of Katz Media Group.  He will continue to report to Mark Gray, CEO of Katz Media Group.  


Porretti, a veteran of Katz, who is uniquely qualified for his expanded role, will continue to oversee all Katz Digital Audio offerings, manage relationships with an expansive roster of publishing and technology partners, and further the growth of podcasting and programmatic digital audio on behalf of current and new partners. Katz Digital delivers both scale and targeting to the digital audio marketplace, working directly with brands and agencies across the country to develop successful custom campaigns.  


Porretti has led the digital team in making substantial strides to strengthen internal technology and systems.  These advancements have streamlined advertisers’ access through Katz to the best brands and publishers in audio content, utilizing advanced targeting technology to effectively reach consumers. Porretti is also spearheading the rollout of the newly launched Katz Intelligence Manager (KIM), a state-of-the-art proprietary audience technology for the digital audio marketplace. 


Under his leadership, Porretti and his accomplished team have been an integral part of the exponential growth in the digital audio business over the past several years. Together, they have created an ever-expanding, all premium, audience solution.  Some of Katz Digital’s unique and robust offerings include:


·         PodKatz — An expansive podcast offering with over 100,000 podcasts from numerous platforms and content creators, producing scale to effectively geo-target campaigns.


·         Audiology by Katz — A programmatic audio offering and market-focused sales team, advocating for and enabling the targeted and scalable buying of digital audio to the programmatic buying marketplace.


·         Unidos and United — Networks providing marketers with access to the largest multi-cultural digital audio offerings, providing access to all major publishers who uniquely reach Hispanic and Black American audiences.


“Katz excels at helping brands reach and engage with consumers in meaningful, impactful ways,” said Mark Gray, CEO of Katz Media Group.  “Scott’s in-depth knowledge and vast background in developing audio solutions across a variety of platforms has helped Katz grow its diverse digital offerings and proprietary technologies. Scott’s effective team leadership style, and his extraordinary vision in this marketplace, has catapulted Katz Digital to a place where it is now viewed by advertisers as a one-stop-shop to reach diverse audiences with unparalleled scale.”  


“We have seen an explosion of growth in the digital audio space that is not slowing, with more people listening on their various devices than ever before.  In addition, an increasing number of data attribution companies have shown undeniable validation of the unique and positive impact digital audio has on advertisers looking to reach their consumers,” said Scott Porretti, President of Katz Digital Audio.  “I am so proud of what our team has accomplished and extremely excited to help shape where our industry is heading to support Katz’s ever-expanding position in the digital marketplace and help our clients execute effective digital audio campaigns.”


During his tenure at Katz, Porretti has held various management positions within the organization, including Senior Vice President of Katz Radio Group, overseeing a sales team with more than 250 people working across seven sales divisions as well as Vice President Manager of the Katz New York office.  In 2014, he was named Senior Vice President of Katz Digital. In May 2018, Porretti was promoted to Executive Vice President of Katz Digital.


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