The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose Husband May Have Confessed to Cheating While Sleeping (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose husband may have confessed to cheating while he slept. The letter writer said her husband likes to overindulge in everything he does. The husband is also a heavy smoker and smokes cigars, pipes, weed, and hookah said Shirley Strawberry.

    The man’s favorite smoke shop in town is run by a woman, explained Strawberry. The unhappy wife said her hubby likes to spend time and money at the shop. Because the man brings home a significant income, the wife said she does not complain about his spending. However, his recent sleep talking is causing a problem.

    Recently the man began mentioning a woman named Daphne in his sleep. Since there was no Daphne on the man’s phone, the wife said she let it go. However, he continued to discuss the woman while in a slumber, which concerned the wife. The worried spouse said she had asked her husband to seek help, but he refused and said the problem was due to exhaustion. The wife wondered if she should let it go or press the man to pursue professional assistance.

    Shirley Strawberry said the wife should find out if Daphne is the woman’s name at the smoke shop. Strawberry found it “odd” that the wife had not pursued finding out if Daphne was the smoke shop owner. Most experts say sleepwalking is “harmless,” and the wife could create a problem where there is none, informed Strawberry. The morning show host said there could also be something medically wrong with the husband, and he should go to the doctor to ensure he does not have an underlying health issue.

    Steve Harvey cautioned against the man smoking too much. He said the husband needed to find one thing to smoke and do that. “He likes cigars, pipes, weed, hookahs; that’s too much,” argued Harvey.

    The morning show host said he is “concerned” that the wife may need to put some limitations on the husband’s indulgent behavior. Harvey also said the man needs to seek help because he is saying the same name too many times, causing the wife to become suspicious of him, which could cause problems in the relationship. The radio host agreed with Strawberry that the man should seek medical counsel for his sleep-talking because that was not “normal.”

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