The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose “Groupie” Husband Fantasizes About Black Actresses During Sex (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose “groupie” husband fantasizes about Black actresses during sex. The unhappy wife wrote into the show to say she is a 29-year-old makeup artist who has been married for one month to a handsome businessman.

    Before the newlyweds were married, the wife said she was hesitant because she saw signs of her husband being infatuated with celebrities. The husband likes to comment on actresses’ hair, makeup, and wardrobe, informed Shirley Strawberry.

    Recently, the wife was planning a trip to Los Angeles with her husband. He called his cousin, a publicist, to find out which clubs were popular in town and had celebrities there. Strawberry said the woman’s spouse joked that he would leave her on the street if he ran across any of his celebrity crushes, such as Ciara and Karrueche Tran.

    Over dinner one night, the husband confessed that he fantasizes about various Black actresses while making love to his wife, said Strawberry. Upset over his revelation, the wife admitted to having sex with a famous comedian three years before they were married. The husband was taken aback by the wife’s confession and was angry. He left her sitting alone at the dinner table. She wanted to know if she hurt her hubby’s feelings when she said she slept with the celebrity.

    Strawberry said the problem in the woman’s letter was more serious than celebrity crushes. “Y’all are just trying to hurt each other,” the morning show host explained. Do not try to get back at someone by telling them you slept with someone else famous or not, advised Strawberry. The radio DJ said men do not take well to that type of information because they cannot get past it. The problem in their marriage is not major yet but can be if the star-struck husband and the wife do not “nip it in the bud.”

    Steve Harvey said the problem in the woman’s marriage is with her husband. Steve Harvey said the man’s commentary on actresses’ outfits, makeup, and hair is a “glitch.” Harvey said the husband was out of line to tell his wife that he would leave her on the side of the road for a celebrity. Based on his previous actions at dinner, the husband’s coping skill is to leave said Harvey, and that is a red flag for the woman.


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