Detroit Public School Students Team Up With WGPR Detroit Radio Host Calahan-James and Host Honor Student Showcase


 width=Can We Help Save Detroit?Detroit Politics and Life Talk Show, has moved to the new 107.5 WGPR on FM radio. This is the same Radio Station that Detroit’s # 1 Local Radio Host, Mason in the morning show appears on. The Politics & Life Talk show is owned by Executive Producer and Host, Nina Calahan- James and will debut March 6, 2010 at noon. The show is scheduled to air for one hour on Saturdays. Listen nationwide at www.WGPRDetroit.comAmongst the host of the show former cand idate for Detroit City Council, Dalton Roberson Jr. serves as the Political Analyst and Co- Host. The talk show presents an innovative freshness of interviewing national and political leaders. Calahan-James has two segments for the Politics & Life Talk Show: The Accomplishments of Black Creativity ( The ABC’s), and The Honor Student Showcase; in which Detroit Public School Students will participate in.Mumford High School seniors, Dexter Perry, Taylor Trammell and LaNiesha Evans will host the Honor Student Showcase. Both female students are enrolled in the Detroit Free Press High School Journalism Program. Dexter is a member of the National Honor Society. The students are to present factual reports and information as it relates to government, politics, and the world they live in.Another segment featured on the show is 1000 Days to Change Detroit, (1000 DCD) where Detroit City Council Members and Charter Commission members appear. Students will have opportunities to interview the guest members.Currently Detroit Charter Commissioner, Reggie “Reg” Davis is negotiating with the Executive Producer to join the talk show team; in hopes of hosting a weekly segment on community life in Detroit. Davis has 25 years of radio experience, formerly known as the afternoon drive radio personality host on Hot 102.7(WHTD-FM).The Politics & Life Talk Show is a community out- reach on air production; designed to enhance listeners understand ing of government, politics, and issues that impact daily living, while motivating citizens to make better informed decisions.If you are in high school or college and would like to join the team of Honor Students or become a sponsor of our segment or the program at large, please call 248/02-5340 or write Executive Producer at:Politicsand [email protected] For more information visit the show website at www.Politicsand or write to us at [email protected]


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