The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questions if $100 Million is a Lot of Money for a Wendy Williams Podcast, or is She Worth More? (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show questioned if $100 million was a lot of money for a Wendy Williams podcast. Williams, the media queen, may be returning to work, said Gary With Da Tea. Williams has shared new promo photos of her podcast, The Wendy Experience podcast.

    In one of the photos, she sits on a beautiful blue plush swing with a large smile on her face. Gary said Williams looks amazing despite her reported health problems. Allegedly Williams was experiencing dementia.

    The podcaster captioned the photos, “how you doin’?” She went on to say that self-love is the best love. Wendy teased the premiere of her new podcast on Instagram. The premiere will be in a couple of weeks, informed Gary. IHeartRadio and Spotify initially showed interest in the podcast.

    Allegedly Williams only wanted $100 million for the podcast, said Gary. When clips of the show were aired back in August, fans were not enthused. However, they are now excited about the podcast and are ready for Williams to return to work, added Gary.

    The morning show DJ wanted to know if $100 million was a lot of money or if that was a small amount for a Wendy Williams podcast. Da Brat said that it is a lot of money for a podcast. The morning show host said the podcast would be much like her television show because that is her following. The morning show DJ said another podcaster was paid that amount. Gary said people would have to see how much she is ultimately paid, but fans are ecstatic that Williams has returned.


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