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Industry Icon Jerry Boulding Dies 2

Industry Icon Jerry Boulding Dies


Originally posted on 2013-11-29 12:07:16

jerryRadio Facts is sad to report that industry radio icon Jerry "The Doctor" Boulding, 75, has passed. He had been very ill over the last couple of weeks and he died on the evening of Thanksgiving. I worked with Jerry at Urban Network and can honestly say that he was the most brilliant radio mind in the industry. He hired me at Urban Network in the early 1990s after I was a programmer at KDKO in Denver and he showed me the ropes from a national perspective. The greatest thing about Jerry Boulding that I admired most was that he could recite the resume of anyone in the industry when you mentioned their name. Working at Urban Network was the catalyst for me to start my own magazine, the experience was incredibly valuable thanks to Jerry.  I have never met someone who loved radio as much as he did. RIP Doctor Boulding you will always be the greatest radio icon to me.Kev Ross Nov 2013

Originally posted on 2013-11-29 12:07:16

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