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Have You Ever Been Accused Of Sleeping Your Way To The Top?


Radio One New Regional PD Assignments: John Candelaria and Brian Wallace Add Stations

This is only the beginning folks... two more Radio One programmers have added another station top their roster even after the company-wide staff paycuts a few weeks back. John Cand elaria at the Radio One Dallas outlet adds WHTD/Detroit and Indianapolis PD Brian Wallace adds WDMK in Detroit to his programming job description.

WOW: Interesting Programming Idea Here….

Radio Station Finds Jobs for ListenersA couple of weeks ago, I was on the phone with my old friend and colleague Francene Cucinello, a midday radio host on WHAS-AM in Louisville, Ky.

WHAT? Local Radio Stars Silenced

San Diego-based radio talk-show hosts have suddenly become an endangered species, leaving listeners with few places to hear chatter dedicated to both local politics and national issues, according to a published report.In recent weeks, the station known as San Diego 1700 has severed ties with Stacy Taylor and Mark Larson, both longtime staples of local talk radio

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