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Radio Facts: Radio Station Finds Jobs for Listeners
A couple of weeks ago, I was on the phone with my old friend and colleague Francene Cucinello, a midday radio host on WHAS-AM in Louisville, Ky. She was less than a half-hour from going on the air when I mentioned that everybody I talk to these days is either looking for work or worried about losing their job. I said something offhand like, “You know, you should tell your listeners to call in if they have a decent job to offer.”
She saw the potential right away and launched it. The phones lit up and have not stopped. I asked her to give us some insight about this.
Al Tompkins: What is the need?
Francene Cucinello: I’ve been working in talk radio and television for 15 years. Like so many of us, I’ve been laid off several times. Guess you could say I’m an expert when
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