UMC Greenlights Season 2 and Adds Cast to “A House Divided.”

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Earlier this year, UMC (, the first streaming service for Black TV and film from AMC Networks, released the first season of its latest new original series, “A House Divided.” Starring Demetria McKinney (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne), Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (The Jacksons: An American Dream), Brad James (Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse), and Paula Jai Parker (Hustle & Flow); the series follows the members of a wealthy, prominent family in Los Angeles who deal with the loss of the family’s matriarch while uncovering and facing a variety of secrets and scandals.

It performed incredibly well and debuted as the #1 series for UMC, where it remained throughout its 6-week run. Season 2 is now in production and the cast has gained two new members: LisaRaye McCoy and Parker McKenna Posey.

UMC (Urban Movie Channel) Greenlights Second Season of ‘A House Divided’ Family Saga Series from Daytime Emmy Nominated Producer, Dan Garcia with two new cast members …

LisaRaye McCoy and Parker McKenna Posey Join New Season in Recurring Roles

Following the announcement of its new docuseries “Behind Her Faith,” UMC (Urban Movie Channel) – the first streaming service for Black TV and film from AMC Networks – announced today that it will continue its original series, “A House Divided” for a second season. The multi-generational family saga, which debuted with six episodes on the streaming network earlier this year in July, follows the members of a wealthy, prominent family in the Los Angeles community who deal with the loss of the family’s matriarch while uncovering and facing a variety of secrets and scandals.

Starring Demetria McKinney (Freeform’s “Motherland,” Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”), Paula Jai Parker (“Ray Donovan,” “True Blood”), Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (“The Jacksons: An American Dream”), and Brad James (Syfy’s “Superstition,” Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse”); the second season will also feature LisaRaye McCoy (“All of Us,” “Single Ladies”) and Parker McKenna Posey (“My Wife and Kids,” “Games People Play”) in new recurring roles.

“The first season of ‘A House Divided’ performed incredibly well on UMC,” said Nikki Love, VP of Development & Production for UMC. “The response we’ve seen from viewers and our subscribers has shown us that this series has developed a very dedicated and passionate audience and they are more than ready for another season of the Sanders family’s antics. We look forward to delivering more juicy storylines and can’t wait to showcase the new dynamic LisaRaye and Parker will bring to the show.”

“A House Divided” comes from Dan Garcia, the creator of UMC’s Daytime Emmy nominated series, “Bronx SIU.” Currently, in production, Season 2 of the series is slated to return in the spring of next year.

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Asylum Records Names Wayne “Wayno” Clark Vice President, A&R

Wayne “Wayno” Clark Named Vice President, A&R for Asylum Records

radio facts,radio djs,urban adult,Urban Radio,
urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip hop music radio, black female singersNoted music executive Wayne “Wayno” Clark has joined Asylum Records, Warner Music Group’s indie-spirited, streaming-focused imprint, as Vice President, A&R. In this role, he will cultivate Asylum’s fresh crop of talent and align them with premier producers and songwriters. Based at the label’s New York headquarters, Wayno will report to Asylum General Manager Gabrielle Peluso. He has already added Chicago Hip-Hop star 600Breezy to Asylum’s blossoming roster and will A&R the debut album from Detroit rapper Sada Baby. 

“Wayno is an authority in the hip-hop community, having spent years climbing the ranks and working with some of the biggest names in the space,” said Peluso. “His widespread network and his reputation as a respected go-getter are apparent in the emerging acts he’s already brought to us. The relaunched Asylum is made up of a dynamic group of creatives whose hunger and drive will help propel our roster to forward, and I’m thrilled to welcome Wayno into the family.” 

“Asylum is a place where independent artists have the freedom and creative control to express themselves through their music, with support from some of the best young execs in the industry,” said Wayno. “The work Gabrielle’s team has done thus far is impressive, and I’m excited to start this next chapter of my career and continue to develop and mentor a new generation of talent.”

This announcement comes as Asylum is riding a wave of successful hip-hop releases, including platinum-selling emcee Ugly God’s “Hello,” which generated over 15 million streams, and Detroit upstart Sada Baby’s Bartier Bounty mixtape, which generated 7.9 million streams in its first week alone. 

Previously, Clark served as Assistant A&R at Roc-A-Fella Records, where, in 2003, he led hip-hop duo Young Gunz to a Grammy nomination. Throughout his nearly 15-year career, Clark has served under the leadership of A&R greats such as Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua, Gee Roberson, and Lenny S., and has worked with superstars from JAY-Z to Nas.

In 2012, Clark founded Triangle Offense, a management, A&R, and marketing group. His current management clients include hip-hop newcomer TJ Porter (Def Jam) and singer-songwriter Daniel Munoz (Epic Records). He also serves as co-host of Complex News’ hip-hop debate show, Everyday Struggle, alongside DJ Akademiks.

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Byron Allen Acquires Bayou City Broadcasting
Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Entertainment Studios/Allen Media

Media Mogul Byron Allen To Acquire Bayou City Broadcasting For $165 Million

Allen Enters into a Definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement to Acquire CBS, NBC, and FOX Broadcast Television Affiliates in Two Markets in Indiana and Louisiana

Entertainment Studios, Inc., one of the largest independent producers and distributors of film and television, with 43 shows on the air, and owner of nine 24-hour HD television networks now serving nearly 160 million subscribers — including The Weather Channel television network and its streaming service Local Now — proudly announces its acquisition of Bayou City Broadcasting Evansville, Inc., and Bayou City Broadcasting Lafayette, Inc. Allen is purchasing the station groups through his company, Allen Media Broadcasting LLC.

Byron Allen, who recently joined Sinclair Broadcast Group to successfully acquire the Fox/Disney 21 Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) for $10.6 billion, and also purchased The Weather Channel in 2018, has publicly stated he has been aggressively pursuing additional media assets to purchase. The purchase of these four Bayou City Broadcasting entities — WEVV (CBS) & WEEV (Fox) in Evansville, Indiana and KLAF (NBC) and KADN (Fox) in Lafayette, Louisiana — provides Allen’s television unit with a broader audience and strategically positions the company in broadcast and digital media.

Byron Allen is a visionary, and a brilliant entrepreneur who always gets it done,” said Bayou City Broadcasting Owner/President/CEO DuJuan McCoy. “Byron Allen’s companies, which exemplify excellence, are perfectly positioned to continue the strong tradition these stations have in serving their communities.”

DuJuan McCoy is an outstanding broadcaster and he has done a phenomenal job of assembling a strong management team to operate these network affiliate stations,” said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Entertainment Studios/Allen Media LLC. “This is another milestone for our company, as we have now agreed to purchase our very first broadcast television stations and continue to look for other opportunities to grow our global media company through strategic acquisitions.”

Allen’s expansion into broadcast television is the latest step Entertainment Studios has taken in further expanding the global reach of its programming and content. The Entertainment Studios divisions now include: broadcast television network affiliates, streaming services, broadcast television syndication, production and distribution of 43 television programs, nine 24/7 HD television networks, theatrical motion picture production, acquisition and global distribution, digital movie acquisition and distribution, and global news publishing – making Entertainment Studios one of the largest privately-held media companies in the world. Entertainment Studios is one hundred percent owned by Byron Allen, who started the company from his dining room table 26 years ago.

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Urban One’s Mark McCray Talks to Radio Facts

With our continued profiling of the greatest PDs in the industry this time we spotlight Mr. Mark McCray.  He is the Vice President of Programming and Operations in Dallas at Urban One. He’s highly respected, eager, determined and has an undeniable drive to win. I became familiar with him when he was a spokesman for Weight Watchers after losing a lot of weight (and keeping it off) a few years ago. He’s one of a few African American Program Directors in the Rhythmic arena but he is beyond qualified and confidently aware of his ability to do a great job. 

Tell us about one of your recent successful radio promotions

One of the yearly promotions that we are very proud of is “Mammogram Month” in October. We offer free breast cancer screenings to women who need it and may not have the resources to get one. We have been able to treat hundreds of women over the past few years and identified several women who needed additional screenings potentially saving their lives.

Who would you consider to be your biggest competitors in the market?

I come from the thought that all the stations in the market are competitors. Obviously, we share more of our audience with some stations over others, but we are ALL trying to get more occasions of listening. Over the years I have learned that even though you may have a “direct” competitor”, you share cume and occasions with several formats. Especially with the popularity of the Hip Hop and R&B we play… it is now mainstream.

What advantage does your station have over other stations in the market?:

I think we have great high personality talent in all major dayparts, unique compelling imaging and we are VERY active in the community! We also have a large amount of millennial on the air in major dayparts.

Do you think commercial radio is going to have a hard time in the future in competing with streaming?

Not as long as commercial radio continues to evolve

What are your thoughts on Podcasting?

I think podcasting is a great way for otherwise unnoticed talented people that have interesting content to get noticed. It can also be a great way to extend a popular brand after they are off the air.

Some PDs think the talent pool for new Radio DJs is drying up, do you?:


Have you looked at Podcasters as potential Radio DJs on your station? Why or why not?:

The names of some popular podcasters have been considered. However, There is a difference between podcasting and broadcasting and that is something that needs to be considered. Taking a popular podcaster and putting them on a broadcast radio station can be a tough and unrealistic transition. Mainly in some instances what made that podcaster popular may not be able to translate tradition broadcast radio.

What do you think of the growing festival market?:

The millennials are shaping this culture and popularity of festivals. It’s a bit of a disruption to the traditional concert model. I think this younger generation is helping to rethink and disrupt the traditional model…and the festival experience is the new way of experiencing live music.

How do you make your events different from the competing stations?:

We are one of the few stations (in the market) that specializes in station branded events, especially for the Hip Hop and R&B audience. It is something we do very well and thankfully has experienced a lot of success. We have branded events like our Dub Car Show and Concert that is not only a concert but a lifestyle experience.

Do you find it hard to find morning show producers?

There are a few reasons why I think morning show producers are more challenging to find. One reason is that the talent pool is smaller than in the past years. Secondly, many people want to be ON the microphone, not behind the scenes. Being a morning show producer is a special job…not always a glorious job,…but one of the most important jobs a morning show can have.

Are there other positions that are hard to fill? If so why?

Finding good part-time talent can be a challenge as well.

What do you think makes a GREAT programmer today?

Being innovative, open-minded, sales friendly and approachable. Be a great coach, continue to learn and grow with your team and maximize your time. The great ones understand the role they have in creating the culture in the building, on the air and even in the community.

What is your greatest challenge as a programmer?

Time. Managing your time can be a challenge for many. Programmers now have a lot of responsibility and in many cases have more than one station, an on-air shift, several weekly meetings and conference call, music rotation and scheduling duties and a family. That is why you have to have a good team, great time management skills and the ability to problem solve in a reasonable amount of time.

Where have you seen other programmers go wrong in their approach to radio?

They feel that all the good ideas have to come from their office. Great ideas and amazing points of view can come from anywhere.

What is the BEST promotion you’ve ever seen in radio?

One of the best promotions I have seen was where we gave away a shopping spree. The winner won $10,000, a limo, bodyguards and 6 hours to spend it. We qualified people on the air, then had an event (in the morning) where we did a “reverse raffle” for the $10,000.

The winner had to be ready to shop that day immediately after they won. the limo was waiting outside. RULES: They could only shop within 50 miles of the city…they couldn’t purchase gift cards, pay bills, or apply the money toward a purchase totaling over $10,000.

This promotion was fun for the Radio DJs to talk about, got the listeners excited and even got us some press.

What is the worst promotion?

Outside of the infamous “Hold your Wee for a Wii” contest… There was this “Pennies from Heaven” promotion. A great example of an idea sounding awesome in a conference room, but didn’t work out in real life. The Promotion: Get people to donate their pennies for this charitable cause. Invite listeners to go to a few locations around the city to drop off their pennies on a set day.

The problem: The station gathered so many pennies they couldn’t move them! Pennies are heavy as hell when you have a bunch of them! The promotions department weren’t ready for that!

If you could break bread with three great programmers dead or alive, who would they be?

  1. Michael Spears (one of my biggest mentors and gave me a great break). He passed many years ago but I think he would be really proud of me considering he knew me since I was 19 and he put me on the air at his station in Chicago.
  2. Frankie Crocker – Never met him, just heard amazing stories and I’d love to hear some of his.
  3. Sunny Jo White – A Pioneer

Tell us about your Full-time staff?


  • Veda Loca – (mornings) Passionate unique, raw, unfiltered, single mom (The Cardi B of radio)
  • J-Kruz – (mornings) Lifestyle driven hip hop music, sneakerhead
  • Jazzi Black – (mornings) Millennial, highly opinionated fresh-faced, bright personality
  • Kayotik – (mornings) Mixer, Fun Loving, Dad
  • Lil D – (middays) Sassy, Afro-Centric millennial minded, homegirl
  • Jesse – (afternoons) Latin. highly energetic, lovable
  • P-Skillz – (nights)Party starter Millennial. Dancer, crowd energizer, loved by the teens and schools


  • Joyner (mornings)
  • Cindy B (middays) -Local longtime DFW talent. Mom/Homegirl/Baker
  • D.L. Hughley (afternoons)
  • John Monds (nights)

Thanks Mark

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this.



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Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Launch Free Ad-Supported Live Streaming Network
Byron Allen. Founder/Chairman/CEO, Entertainment Studios.

Byron AllenByron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Announces Launch Of Free Ad-Supported Live Streaming Network: The Weather Channel En Español

First 24/7 Advertiser-Supported Spanish Language Live-Streaming Weather Network Launches in First Quarter of 2020

 Entertainment Studios, one of the largest independent producers and distributors of first-run syndicated television programming for broadcast television stations, and owner of eight 24-hour HD television networks now serving nearly 160 million subscribers — including The Weather Channel television network and its streaming service Local Now — proudly announces the launch of the first Spanish language weather streaming service: The Weather Channel en Español.

The Weather Channel en Español will launch in the first quarter of 2020, and will utilize the full resources of The Weather Channel — the number one weather network in the country. The Weather Channel en Español will feature Spanish-speaking weather reporters and show hosts throughout the day on weekdays and weekends, with the weather reporters forecasting weather conditions in the U.S. and its territories such as Puerto Rico, and Mexico and Central America. In addition to covering the forecast from the studio, The Weather Channel en Español will have Spanish-speaking reporters located in the field during weather events. Viewers will be able to track storms and other significant weather events and their aftermath from their communities and the communities of their loved ones.

“The Hispanic marketplace is indexing extremely well with streaming services and is severely underserved. Our launch of The Weather Channel en Español is historic, and is a recognition of the continued and significant growth of the U.S. Hispanic population and the constant need to keep the entire public informed and safe as multi-billion dollar weather disasters are on the rise – especially in underserved communities where Spanish is spoken as both the primary and secondary language in millions of households throughout America,” said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Entertainment Studios. “I am proud to say that all year long, viewers of The Weather Channel en Español will be able to increase their safety and awareness of extreme weather events with the full support of the number one weather news network, and its vast resources, infrastructure, technology, and scientists.”

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Apple Music Appoints Hot 97’s Ebro Darden as Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop

radiofacts.comApple Music announced today the appointment of Apple Beats 1 and Hot 97 New York anchor host Ebro Darden to the position of Apple Music’s global editorial head of hip-hop and R&B.

His new position starts today, where he will manage a team of editors to develop strategies for song, album, and artist releases.

Ebro will maintain hosting his popular Hot 97 morning show Ebro in the Morning (M-F 6am-10am ET), as well as his own Apple Music global live stream Beats 1 (M-F 3pm-5pm ET). Rachel Newman, Apple Music’s global director of editorial, spoke on Darden’s appointment:

“We’re excited that Ebro is joining us in a full-time capacity. Having dedicated his life and career to hip-hop, R&B and pop music, he has so much to offer. One of Ebro’s most defining characteristics is that he has great ears for where R&B and hip-hop are transcending and evolving to beyond even the borders of the U.S. He’ll obviously take a leadership position for us not just in hip-hop and R&B but also in the communities where the music is made, which is also exciting and something unique to Ebro.”

Carl Chery headed Apple Music’s artist curation previously before moving to Spotify last April.


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Streaming Global Adds Richard Oesterreicher as CEO
Richard Oesterreicher, CEO of Streaming Global

Streaming Global continues growing with a significant hire. The company is announcing the appointment of Richard Oesterreicher as its new chief executive officer.

Richard brings 30 years’ experience building technology businesses with world class teams focused on innovation in 3D computer graphics, digital media streaming, and Internet scalability. His experience includes technology design, team building, and management at Microsoft, Softimage, and as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) at Intellectual Ventures. Joining Microsoft in the early 90s, he was part of the Advanced Consumer Technologies Group and became the founding Group Development Manager for Microsoft’s Digital Media Group. He has led both software and hardware development companies. His hardware company created a new type of computer designed specifically to be the fastest digital media streaming server on the planet. Richard is a serial entrepreneur and accomplished inventor with 11 patents issued by the USPTO (and four patents pending).

“We are thrilled to have Richard step into the CEO role,” stated Zunair Ukani, VP of Finance and Operations for Streaming Global. “With his experience in this industry and the potential of our technology, the sky is the limit on what can be accomplished.”

Previously, Richard mentored the Streaming Global team and contributed as a Technology Architect. He developed Streaming Global’s patent-pending streaming technology. With Richard as CEO, Streaming Global affirms its mission of revolutionizing the way streaming video is delivered.

Richard adds, “Our innovative technology, a live video delivery network, completely changes the economics of delivering live and OTT streaming content to televisions and mobile devices, while improving scalability and significantly reducing live latency. I’m excited to share our technology with streaming content providers seeking a business advantage.”

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Warner Music Group Relaunches Sesame Street Records

Sesame Street Records is back.

Sesame Street and Warner Music Group’s imprint Arts Music has partnered with each other to relaunch Sesame Street Record in the US and Canada.

This new partnership will mark the first time in more than 20 years that new music from Sesame Street will be made available to the public on a regular basis.

Many iconic singers have appeared next to the puppets and performed with them. Some of these icons include Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, Ray Charles, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeran.

Included in the partnership, Sesame Street’s musical catalog will be available on streaming services and digital platforms. In addition to their catalog being available, Sesame Street plans on sharing never-before-released music from past and present seasons. Some of the music will feature guest appearances from pop stars and other celebrities.

The record label will also release new thematic CD and vinyl next year,

The imprint Arts Music is focusing on signing, musical theater, jazz, children’s music, soundtracks, and film scores.

In 1970 Sesame Street first began releasing albums. In 1974, the puppet’s TV show launched its own label. Although their record label failed in 1984, the show continued to partner with other labels to release projects.

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