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PENNIES FROM KEVIN PODCAST: Dumping Your Trash on Your Friends

Radio Facts: Asking Your Friends to take out YOUR Trash No matter how hard you try to listen allowing someone to dump their trash on you it is always going to make you one thing ... exhausted. [...]

PENNIES FROM KEVIN PODCAST: Be Like Time, Wait for Nothing

Radio Facts: If waiting is sleeping, then dreaming is doing! When you sleep, you rest when you dream you can DO.... When I look back on the time that I wasted WATING for someone or something to improve my situation, it actually makes me mad. [...]

Pennies from Kevin Podcast: Math and Negative Energy, People and Situations

Digital and Radio Facts: DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODEThere are some people who are absolutely set in their ways and they will never change but they need the energy to be negative and negative energy is actually more powerful than positive energy it doesn’t take a lot to be positive but it [...]