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This Doctor Wants Us to View the Vaccine as Medical Reparations

While we get what he is trying to say, there is just better ways to address the Black and Brown community when it comes...

Ice Cube Wants to Close the Wealth Gap and Says Neither Party Cares

Ice Cube once famously recited in a song, "Ice Cube is not for the pop charts." The rap icon, film maven, and sports league owner is still not for the bullsh*t.

Shannon Sharpe: America Wasn’t Built on Freedom, It Was Built on Racism

There are many out there who want athletes, former athletes, anyone for that matter to shut up, dribble, and stop talking about racism. Imagine that, people are tried of hearing about racism - well, imagine what it is like for the people who are always experiencing it.

Robert Johnson is Done with Liberal Symbols; America Needs to Pay Reparations

America's first Black billionaire and former owner of BET, Robert Johnson has been talking about reparations for a while. He wants America to pay $14 Trillion over 30 years to the descendants of slaves. Johnson is also tired of what he calls "Placebo Paternalism," which he accuses leftist liberals of implementing in order to apologize for slavery.

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