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The Most Rotten Kids on the Planet Snatch Mother’s Wig off in Grocery Store (video)

Can you imagine being stuck at home right now with kids like this during the crisis? This woman has lost control of her kids and it's very unfortunate that it has come to this.

New Orleans Music Industry Icon Larry McKinley Dies at 85

Originally posted on 2013-12-09 16:39:46 Some people have only one talent and some people have multiple talents. Larry McKinley would be of the latter.

TLC’s Chilli Starts Petition to Stop MediaTakeOut.com From Slandering Minors

Celebrities aren't having it anymore for slanderous media outlets that disrespect them and/or their children. We all know about Kanye lashing out at the paparazzi and now Chilli of tlc is taking action against MediaTakeOut.com.

Stacey Dash’s 3 Page Letter About the Election: Clueless or Calculated?

What to read Stacey Dash's 3 page letter about the election and how she feels now that Barack Obama has won. Well here you...

Scott Storch Behind on Child Support and the Court wants him Behind Bars

The man who was once on the top of the charts with tracks like "Lean Back,"Scott Storch has a warrant out for his arrest....

Mother Credits 100.3 The Beats Charlamagne Tha God as a Difference Maker

After months of waiting on the national liver transplant list, one year old Assiah Phinisee who in May 2008 was diagnosed with...

Basketball Court Named in Biggie Smalls Honor

Brooklyn City Councilman Robert E. Cornegy Jr. has fulfilled his promise to Notorious B.I.G.’s Mother, Voletta Wallace, by having basketball courts at a Brooklyn playground named in memory of her son.

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