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Rickey Smiley Tries to Clear the Air with Ebony Steele

This is great. This was an opportunity for Rickey and Ebony to talk. It’s so true that I HATE it when people interrupt when you are trying to have a private moment.

De De McGuire Assigned HOST of KKDA’s Morning Show

Service Broadcasting Corporation Program Director Geo Cook announced today that De De McGuire is the new host for "The Crazy Azz Morning Show" on...

Now Shirley Strawberry has an Advice Book Coming

I worked with Shirley at KKBT in Los Angeles and I have always liked her, I consider her a true radio person and...

CHARLAMAGNE (Wendy Williams’ former co host) TAKES OVER THE MORNING BEAT AT 100.3 THE...

Radio Facts: Philadelphia, PA. " Radio One Philadelphia has named Charlamagne the new host of The Morning Beat show effective Friday May 1, 2009....


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