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Oprah Says Obama Is Disrespected Because He’s Black and Old Racist “Have to Die”

In a sit down interview with the BBC regarding the movie, The Butler, Oprah Winfrey was very candid about the disrespect President Obama receives due to being African-American and she also said that old racist like the ones where she comes from, "have to die."

Commercial Radio And PRS For Music Agree New Licensing Deal

Commercial radio companies have agreed a new licensing deal with PRS for Music, the body that represents songwriters, composers and music publishers.The deal was agreed with RadioCentre, the industry body for commercial radio, and will apply to more than 300 licensed commercial radio stations in the UK.

OH NO: Syndication Taking over in UK TOO!

Video didn't kill the  radio star, despite the Buggles' pessimistic prediction in 1979. More than 30 years later, DJs face a more fearsome...

UK radio Radio DJ goes off on-air about station not paying him

Chris Moyles, the BBC Radio 1 host (Source: Jon Beretta/Carls Sims, Rex Features)Chris Moyles, a high-profile radio DJ on BBC Radio 1, ...

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