Police Officer Admits to Cult Like Code Amongst Law Enforcement

An anonymous police officer called in to Hot 97 to discuss the Alton Sterling murder with radio personality Nessa. While the officer explains that police work is harder than the public understands, he also admits there is a code that they follow and if they break protocol they would be finished.

Radio Host D.L. Hughley Speaks on Recent Police Shootings

Today D.L. Hughley had a very moving interview on CNN.

Yesterday on D.L.’s radio show, The D.L. Hughley Show, he shared awesome points and showed how strong radio’s voice is during moments like we are having this week. See the video below. The D.L. Hughley Show can be heard nationally weekdays 3-7pm ET and stream online at  TheDLHughleyShow.com. The D.L. Hughley Show is distributed by REACH Media Inc., a part of the Radio One family.

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Hot 97s Rosenberg States Good Cops Should tell on the Bad Ones

By now we have all seen it, most of us have watched the video, and we witnessed two police officers in Baton Rouge murder Alton Sterling, a man selling CD’s outside of a store. Hot 97’s Rosenberg and Laura Stylez provide details of the story and then they decide to take calls. At that point things get really interesting as Rosenberg loses it and goes off on the cop calling into the show. Check out the clip.