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Friday, October 15, 2021
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black lives matter

Black Designer Infuriates Black Americans with “Rope Ties” (Noose Neckties)

When it comes to fashion there have been many brands that have upset the Black community and sympathizers for their lack of sensitivity. The...

Virginia Creates Breonna Law Banning No-Knock Warrants (VIDEO)

Virginia is the first state to sign a law banning no-knock warrants since the murder of Breonna Taylor. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam  stressed that this law is not anti-police but instead, it is pro-people. Kudos to Virginia taking a necessary step.

10 Actual Changes That Happened to Fight Racism Since the Murder of George Floyd

As off now, we are still waiting on the officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor to be arrested. A Grand Jury is currently meeting to determine their fate but at least the family has been compensated via a settlement of $12 Million.

Black Man Shoots Burglar to Protect His Family (VIDEO)

You never know who you are running up on. I personally hate to see anyone get shot and this is incredibly sad that we have to live like this but this man had to protect his family. This is the definition of being alert and aware of your surroundings.

Black Man with Knife Shot and Killed By Cops in West Philly (Graphic Video)

To constantly see Black people murdered on video can't be good for anyone. To constantly see these murders being committed by trained police officers is also disheartening.

Racist Asian Man Tells Black Man “This is a No Ni**er Zone.”

Most people have experienced a racist person but this Asian man takes the cake. The Asian man admits to being a racist and then proceeds to tell the Black, "This is a no nigg*r zone." The audacity of some of these people is quite astounding.

White Guy Loses It on Airplane and Causes Chaos After Dropping Racial and Homophobic Slurs (VIDEO)

2020 has presented an entire new form of crazy to the world. Imagine being on a flight with a White guy who refuses to stop saying the word ni**ger repeatedly. The guy in this video is obviously not well mentally and of course the chaos ensues because he won't let it go.

White Guy Eloquently Breaks Down Black Pride Vs. White Pride (Video)

You have to love educated people. This gentlemen in this Tik Tok video took a few seconds to break down why White people asking how come they can't have White pride while Black people can say Black pride or Black power without it being considered racist.

White Guy Stabs a Police Officer and Is Still Breathing (VIDEO)

How many times have we witnessed on camera some Black person being shot and killed by an officer for running away, selling CD's, sitting in car, or just being Black? That is a rhetorical question of course.

Pandora Launches Wake Up! Playlists to Amplify Black Voices

Featuring Kiana Ledé, Mike Epps, Tichina Arnold, Deon Cole, and othersI can always count on music to give me shelter when the world gets tumultuous.

Black Portland Officer Talks White People Hijacking the Protests (VIDEO)

A Black police officer from Portland shared his sentiments about working during the protests in Portland. He describes several instances where he would try to have conversations with Black protesters but somehow a White protester would step in and try to block those conversations.

The Jump reacts to Adam Silver’s comments in NBA continued efforts for social justice

SEE ALL OF TODAY'S NEWS SubscribeThe post The Jump reacts to Adam Silver’s comments in NBA continued efforts for social justice first appeared on...

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