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10 Actual Changes That Happened to Fight Racism Since the Murder of George Floyd

As off now, we are still waiting on the officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor to be arrested. A Grand Jury is currently meeting to determine their fate but at least the family has been compensated via a settlement of $12 Million. [...]

Black Man Shoots Burglar to Protect His Family (VIDEO)

You never know who you are running up on.

White Guy Loses It on Airplane and Causes Chaos After Dropping Racial and Homophobic...

2020 has. presented an entire new form of crazy to the world. Imagine being on a flight with a White guy who refuses to stop saying the word ni**ger repeatedly. [...]

White Guy Eloquently Breaks Down Black Pride Vs. White Pride (Video)

You have to love educated people. This gentlemen in this Tik Tok video took a few seconds to break down why White people asking how come they can't have White pride while Black people can say Black pride or Black power without it being considered racist. [...]

White Guy Stabs a Police Officer and Is Still Breathing (VIDEO)

How many times have we witnessed on camera some Black person being shot and killed by an officer for running away, selling CD's, sitting in car, or just being Black? That is a rhetorical question of course. [...]

Pandora Launches Wake Up! Playlists to Amplify Black Voices

Featuring Kiana Ledé, Mike Epps, Tichina Arnold, Deon Cole, and others I can always count on music to give me shelter when the world gets tumultuous. [...]

Black Portland Officer Talks White People Hijacking the Protests (VIDEO)

A Black police officer from Portland shared his sentiments about working during the protests in Portland. He describes several instances where he would try to have conversations with Black protesters but somehow a White protester would step in and try to block those conversations. [...]

Parent Jumps On Zoom Call to Check Teacher About Disrespectful George Floyd Comment (VIDEO)

Remote learning and teaching is the new normal for many students and teachers. One thing teachers are starting to realize is that parents can now hear and see what their children are learning if they happened to be in the same room as them. [...]

Charles Barkley Wants Us to Consider that Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Shot at the Cop

Charles Barkley always speaks his truth no matter what people think. Charles is now facing some backlash for the comments he made on TNT regarding Breonna Taylor's murder. [...]

When Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34qNFIH3vCE"They, , just want black lives to matter as much as white lives" (Bruce Western, Sociologist, Columbia University).  Of course, all lives matter. But, maybe some not as much as others? In which case, not all lives really matter. [...]

Black Mother Stands Up to Cop and Refuses to Let Her Son Become a...

A Black Mother in Elk Grove California was not having it with this female officer. Her son was pulled over in front of their house for running a stop sign. [...]

2020 US Open Winner Naomi Osaka Used Her Platform To Honor Seven People Killed...

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)Naomi Osaka gives her 2020 US Open winner’s speech after her championship victory. She was the first finalist since 1994 to come back and win after losing the first match. [...]

Spike Lee Celebrates Michael Jackson with “They Don’t Care About Us” Short Film

Director Spike Lee revealed a new version of Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us" short film during his annual Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson block party celebrating the King of Pop's birthday, which this year took place virtually. [...]