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A Surprise Guest Shows Up to "Defend" Erykah Badu During Her Breakfast Club Interview


Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Erykah Badu made her way to Power 105.1 for an interview with the infamous Breakfast Club. Charlamagne was put on notice from the jump by DJ Envy as Envy let Charlamagne know that if he disrespected Erykah Badu in any way, shape, form, or fashion, he would have to deal with the father of one of Erykah’s children. The interview went very well for the most part as Erykah talked about maintaining her values in the industry, being ‘earthy,” and hosting the Soul Train Awards. When Charlamagne started to ask her about the power she has over men and her former lovers, things got really interested but it was all in fun.  The surprise guest did in fact show up and the fun insued from there. Check out the clip below to see who showed up to the studio to “defend” Erykah.

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