Steve Harvey Interviews Comedian Bill Bellamy About his New Podcast and More (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey interviewed legendary comedian Bill Bellamy. Harvey said Bellamy had not missed a beat in his career since the days of Def Comedy Jam and the movie “Booty Call” he is still touring and has a brand-new comedy special on Amazon Prime. Bellamy also has a brand-new podcast called “Top Biillin’ with Bill Bellamy,” and it’s taken off in a major way.

    “It’s one of those waves in your career that you know you just really thankful and grateful, you know. It’s always, you know, up and down and twisting and turning… right now it’s a really cool wave of great projects that I’ve, you know, did a year ago, worked on, cut a deal,” said Bellamy.

    The movie star said all the “seeds” he has planted have come up simultaneously, which is a blessing because “you never know how things are gonna go,” he noted. Bellamy has a book coming out. He said he would be a best-selling author in less than nine or ten months from now.

    During the pandemic, Bellamy worked on his book. He said he reflected on his life and all of his interviews over the years, including interviewing Harvey. He said a lot of big stars he interviewed are no longer here.

    Bellamy said many people are interested in the stories that he tells. They want to know what Tupac was really like or what Michael Jackson looked like up close. Bellamy said the podcast is based on stories from people like Harvey, the innovators.

    The comedian said he calls the podcast “Top Billin’ with Bill Bellamy.” The podcast detail these superstars sharing stories of their rise to success. Bellamy says he does not care how a person made it if they share the process they took with others.

    Bellamy also talked about his Amazon comedy special called “I want my life back,” which came out Tuesday after the holiday. COVID took the breath out of everybody.

    “Top Billin’ with Bill Bellamy” launched on July 6 said, Harvey. He encouraged people to check it out.

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