Police Chase Down and Tase Irate Detroit Man Holding Baby After He Tried to Steal a Police Vehicle (VIDEO)


    Police chase down and tase an irate Detroit man who was holding a baby after he tried to steal a police video. An eyewitness captured the disturbing event on film. Maria Mariweather was in disbelief as she watched the unsettling scene unfold outside her window. She recorded the event.

    “This is the part right here – I’m like oh my God,” she says, playing the video she took. “Oh my God. I was afraid for the baby.”

    About 3 p.m. The concerned neighbor was in her home studio Wednesday working on her graphic designs on Wisconsin near Milford Street.

    “I heard chaos outside, so I went to go see, and I saw him running down the street with the baby,” she said.

    She noticed a man walking down the street barefoot with a baby in his arms. She began recording.

    “The police were coming behind him, and he was yelling,” she said.

    Allegedly the man could on the recording be heard saying, “We ain’t white, we Black. We say it, loud baby.”

    After walking to the corner, the man placed the child on the ground. “Do it, b,” he appears to say.

    The man ran with the baby towards the police car once the police got closer. He then tossed the child inside and got into the vehicle with the infant.

    “He threw the baby into the police car and tried to take off, and as they were trying to get him out, he started swinging on the police and trying to fight them,” Mariweather said.

    While one officer aimed his taser and another grabbed the child, the man continued to run.

    “They tased him, and he said it didn’t hurt,” she said. “And he kept running.”

    Reportedly backup arrived after the video stopped recording. Police apprehended the man in the video, said neighbors. His state of mind, or information about the infant, was not released by PDP.

    The investigation is ongoing.

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