Trevor Noah Discusses the Story of the Parents Who Are Suing Their Son for a Grandchild (VIDEO)


    Trevor Noah discussed the story of the parents who are suing their son for a grandchild. There are many reasons for people wanting to have grandchildren. Not only do the children bring joy and happiness into their parents’ lives, but it is also a way of continuing family legacies and heritages. Noah says some families might take having grandchildren a little too seriously.

    Two parents in India are suing their only son for not giving them a grandchild. Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasads claimed they had done their part when they paid for their son’s pilot training. They also shelled out money for a lavish wedding and even a honeymoon.

    After six years of waiting for a grandchild, they have filed a lawsuit saying that if they do not receive a grandchild from their son and daughter-in-law within a year, they owe their parents 50 million rupees, which is the equivalent of $675,000.

    Noah says as weird as it is, he can understand where these parents are coming from. The main reason people have kids is to have grandchildren, he said.

    “Yeah, let’s be honest, nobody wants to be a parent. You know it’s just what you have to do to become a grandparent,” said Noah.

    Grandkids are better, claimed Noah. Grandparents and grandchildren have a lot in common and grandparents love sharing their stories with the new generation.

    Realistically, if these parents want grandchildren, Noah said he doesn’t think a lawsuit will help, especially if the couple only has a year to produce a child. The case could add extra pressure on the son, he said.


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