Side Gig: How to Make $10k Plus a month with a Blog or Website


First Rule of Thumb Passion and Compelling Content

People often ask me can you make money doing a blog, and I always tell them yes.

But for many years, I was dedicated to a very niche radio audience which kept my public income nill almost non-existent when it came to appealing to the public but that has since changed.

My industry audience has drastically expanded beyond radio. But it still targets the industry, and I see the results, and I could not be more satisfied for many reasons.

Can you make $10,000 a month doing a blog? The answer is yes, but you also can make a lot more, and I know people who do.

I have a friend who makes more than $40,000 a month doing his blogs/Websites and that’s only a fraction of what he makes before adding on the other services he offers with his websites.

Depending on your content, your ability to post, and your willingness to do the work in most cases in a couple of years, you can see the results.

Unfortunately, this is where you scare most people off; when you say “a couple of years” because we don’t like to invest in ourselves, we want everything here and now.

No investment is going to mature in a day, and staying there takes time. And we all know how fast a couple of years goes by at this point.

Over the next few months, I will give tips on building your website to make money. First and foremost, we want to always look at your blog or website as valuable real estate.

Ironically, I am also a real estate agent, and I could tell you it is always best to get the worst house in the best neighborhood instead of the opposite. You always want your neighbors to have more equity so that you have an opportunity to do what you need to increase your own equity … not theirs!

How is it possible?

You don’t want to do the same things to your house they’ve done to theirs because when it comes time to sell the competition will be fierce.

You want to make sure that when a buyer sees your house they buy it first and that you stand out.

Now back to the blogs and websites …

There are people out there who will charge you an excess of $5000 to build a website. You do not need to spend that much money. You can do it for a LOT less with a service like WIX unless you’re trying to build a nice corporate website, then yes you may need to hire someone and probably still for less than $5000 (check Fiverr for website bulders in other countries too).

As I stated, it’s going to take some time, but the returns could be lucrative provided you have the content that people want to read.

If your goal is just to make money … don’t even finish reading this because you have to have the passion FIRST.

Passion is not something you can’t fake. If you’re interested in what you’re writing, people will pick it up, and they will support you, but if you’re doing it for the money only, they’ll pick that up too.

Compelling content

The more compelling your content is, the higher you will rank with Google. The benefit here is when you are not working on the site you will get more visits because Google ranks you higher.

Most of the sites that you see online today all live off each other, which means they’re running the same content, sometimes in a different way, sometimes the same way, which limits their ability to earn money.

The person who was first with the story will not always have the highest ranking and possibly make the least most money, depending on their Google ranking but it’s worth a shot especially if the article is original, compelling and at least 600 words.

Google loves extended content that is at least 600 words anything under that will be last to get ranked.

Most people, I would venture to say at least 90%, run content from other sites And don’t have unique and compelling content.

That doesn’t mean they can’t rank on Google but they won’t rank as high as the sites with ORIGINAL unique and compelling content.

In order to get the process started, I would strongly suggest that you research domain names. You can do so by going to or to see if the domain name you want is taken.

Domain Name

I strongly suggested a domain name that it’s easy to say and that has something to do with your content.

Unfortunately, millions of domain names of already been purchased but if you have a domain name like which is taken you might want to try or as an example add something to the name to increase the potential of getting it.

Those are the first lessons to start making $5,000 or more a month doing a blog or site. More to come


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