Radio Vet Talk Show Host Rob Redding Writes Another Best-Selling Amazon E-Book "Why Black Lives in Matter…"

unnamed-1July 5, 2015, 11 a.m. – Talk host and journalist Rob Redding today released a “controversial” new best-selling book explaining how to possibly end police brutality and racism.
Redding uses his new book “Why Black Lives Matter: Borigination explains how to get police and whites to treat blacks like people” to introduce a theory recognizing black people as the “soul-center” of society as a means to help whites grasp the value of the black lives being lost in the street at the hands of police officers and white racists.  Excerpts from the book below…
International recording artists Lil Wayne and Killer Mike go after President Obama in exclusive reports from the book
You know it is getting bad when the hip hop music music world is starting to blast the president and others. hip hop music icon Questlove said “thug” is a racist code word during the riots. He tweeted: “Thugs” = Niggers. Young Jeezy who once recorded “My President” now is on the record that Obama needs to do something positive in observing black life or vowed to take matters into his own hands. This comes as Rapper Lil’ Wayne hit the president in a rap song earlier this year. In his song “Trap House”, his rapid fire verse took aim at Obama: “These crooked ass cops still winning; black man family still mourning; black president ain’t do nothing; we need a real nigga up in that office.”
International recording artist Stromae says that racism is a problem.
Internationally, Belgian dance music artist Stromae has also been fighting toward some type of unity close to Borigination while lambasting slurs like “monkey.” When the star sat down with me in an interview, which became the top story in Europe in December of 2013, according to Radio Télévision Belge Francophone, he said his album’s biggest hit “Formidable” was about being verbally attacked by a white man. He said a homeless man called him a “monkey” which is a “famous word” in his country. “You should be really sad to say that to somebody that you don’t know,” he said.
The book calls out racism at the movies in Ted 2, Get Hard, Focus and other movies
And the same people responsible for Sandler’s career are just as much to blame, they were the Sony executives caught passing around private emails about our first black president likely favoring Madea – a provocative cross-dressing character played by filmmaker Tyler Perry. Ironically, Perry was also targeted in Univeral’s comedy Ted 2 – a movie widely panned as racist because of its reiteration of a “black cock” joke and a black woman who repeatedly refers to whites as “niggers”. I would argue that the thoughts of all of these executives are more than
merely private thoughts, our review found even more evidence that these views are penetrating the narratives of the movies that are made. I am including more examples for those who may argue that these aforementioned movies leave room for debate about if current movies are propagating overt racist interpersonal relationships and doing damage to a quest to bring about Borigination. A Redding News Review’s exclusive review of dialog taken from the films Horns, Life of Crime and Catch Hell found more instances of racially salacious dialog in the aforementioned films.

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