Radio Facts Banning all Press Releases Pertaining to “Conversations about Race” Action more Relevant


Yesterday we got a total of 25 press releases from various industry corporations about special features, Zooms, and statements pertaining to “Conversations about Race.” This is for ALL industry outlets including black companies. As we have been having conversations about race for decades this is truly a case where actions speak louder than words. We KNOW what the problem is … how are we going to fix it? That’s the entire conversation.

Any press release that is about promoting black people in the industry to upper management (like everybody else) or black industry people starting or succeeding with their own industry businesses or making deals with industry companies (like everybody else) will get posted. We do this for people from all walks of life in the industry but I have to say it is rare that we get press releases announcing the promotion of black people, especially black men on the Radio Facts site and we get hundreds of industry press releases a month.

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Talking is a liquid, action is a solid.

Kevin Ross CEO/Founder

Radio Facts

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